Anyone over 50 is considered difficult to place on the job market. The employment agency even pays bonuses if it works out. But actually you can, so the common Opinions, after the age of 50 already on Hartz IV. 10 tips for Job Search and Application.

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Job search from 50 - a problem?

Applications from employees over 50 are considered problematic. You could Company and colleagues actually benefit greatly from the wealth of experience of those over 50. If it weren't for the conflict of skills, different ways of thinking and communicative misunderstandings that lead to major problems in everyday interaction.

Unfortunately, many employers Employees rather suspect from the age of 50, because they are considered critical and demanding - in terms of content and finances. A study shows: A total of 50 percent of 45-50 year olds feel at Workplace massively disturbed by noise of all kinds.

Older Vs. young worker

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The research institute IPSOS surveyed more than 2400 workers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and the Netherlands from four generations on their preferences and working habits for a study.

Result: 61 percent of older employees around 60 are more traditionalists, attach great importance to clear hierarchies and a personal, clear demarcated work space.

The young colleagues up to 35, on the other hand, prefer flat hierarchies and do not value their own workplace: they work informally and in different places. Only 27 percent from this age group wants a personal desk.

Discrepancies through communicative misunderstandings

In addition to these different attitudes, communicative misunderstandings often lead to discrepancies: Older colleagues, for example, are often less exuberant than younger ones and are therefore often perceived by them as less friendly.

They have a rather vague image in the sense of “less friendly or cooperative” and “less ambitious”. And they are considered authoritarian, but also exemplary and experienced. They pass on their know-how to the others.

On the other hand, competitive thinking is particularly pronounced among the younger ones: among the older colleagues, they are notorious for being ambitious and opportunistic, and this is particularly the case in times of crisis Behavior nor the Anxiety around the workplace.

This creates problems when looking for a job

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Due to such differences, every age group likes to keep social contacts among themselves and precisely these Problems then manifest themselves in the job search:

Basically, each generation sees itself in competition with the younger rather than the older generations, but at the same time believes that it cannot learn anything from the younger generation. In contrast, the age group up to 45 in the Eyes of the other age groups as particularly friendly, cooperative and efficient.

Take courage and stay active

When looking for a job and applying for a job, older employees should therefore rely fully on their wealth of experience, Courage take hold, stay active and don't let yourself be defeated. I'm thinking of a former neighbor of mine who, at the age of 58, not only changed her job, but also her place.

When she suddenly became unemployed, she decided to start again - in Berlin. Reason: The rich cultural offer at comparatively low prices.

Voluntary commitment and social contacts

This courage to change not everyone has, especially not this one Age. Often pause People rather in the ugly situation, instead of daring something new. Hence mine Respect before this courage - which, by the way, paid off:

The new Berliner did volunteer work, made contacts and suddenly found a new job: first in the antechamber of a well-known politician, then as a secretary Organization. The position is permanent.

Get out of the old rut

It may be that coincidence and luck play a role here, but I think that it is above all the courage to change as well as activity and the joy of contact that pays off. Because a change of location, I know from my own experience, always forces you to deal with a new situation and meet new people.

As a result, one is forced much more sociable and open, as if you always remain in the usual rut. And this suddenly gives rise to many new opportunities that you did not even think about before.

Bridge discrepancies

In addition, older workers should do their part in finding a job by bridging possible gaps: for example, by dealing with possible problems openly and by talking to bosses and colleagues in case of conflict.

Because often the problems are simply due to the fact that one simply does not understand the other, or can not empathize with the colleagues. But those who talk openly about fears and problems have the chance to solve them as well.

10 tips on applying for and looking for a job starting with 50

Finding a job and applying for 50 is not easy, and sometimes employees of different generations sometimes have trouble understanding each other. 10 tips on what matters.

  1. Don't rush ahead: You have experience, are energetic and ambitious? Nice way! But even if you think you know something better, be diplomatic.
  2. Beware with criticism: Even if it's well-intentioned: be careful with criticism, never express it in front of others. Chefs and many younger employees are reluctant to say anything.
  3. Attention to new work culture:  Older employees value their work area and the polite and respectful “you”. They also love routine, which gives them security. The new work culture, especially in startups, is therefore suspect to them. Tip: Get used to it gradually.
  4. Score with experience: Something that you have many younger employees ahead of you: your experience. With this you should score points in job search and application.
  5. Just no arrogance: Some older employees seem arrogant towards younger ones because they believe they have all the experience to themselves. Better check if you can not learn from others.
  6. Be curious about new things: Instead of just insisting on what they have always done, be prepared to learn something new.
  7. Praise! Especially older generations often have a hard time with praise. Just jump over your shadow and say a few friendly words to the younger employee. For those such gestures are self-evident.
  8. Learn from each other: Older employees have more experience, while younger people are better acquainted with the latest developments. Benefit from each other instead of working against each other
  9. Ask for help: Show that you are ready to cooperate with the other and ask for help - showing that you value the expertise of your colleague.
  10. Understand fears: Older employees are often afraid that the younger ones wanted to serve them. Younger employees are annoyed about the dismissal protection, the older often enjoy. Both are afraid for the job behind it. Express fears openly and trust that the other person will do the same. Then you have a good chance to overcome conflicts together.

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