Many Companys conduct health checks as a requirement for employment Candidate through. What can and may the employer do?

Health check for applicants & employees: Medical examination by the employer

Medical health checks for applicants are a prerequisite for employment in many companies

Health checks as a requirement for employment may be ethically controversial because they violate personal rights Privacy and may also violate the dignity of applicants. But one thing is certain: In many companies, they are an integral part of the application process. That means: no new job for applicants without a health check. You can say what you want, but it doesn't have to be a disadvantage for the employees, because it can also help to create a safe and productive work environment for them.

For many employers, however, there are mostly economic considerations: For them, the Health and safety of their employees is a certain economic risk factor and therefore one of the most important points to consider. That is why they consider it essential to advance new applicants on health Problems or to review risks that could affect their job performance or the safety of our workplace. However, there are various legal and ethical aspects that employers must consider when conducting a health check.

Health check as a requirement for employment: Can employers order medical examinations?

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What are the legal framework conditions for the health check as a prerequisite for employment? In certain circumstances, employers may require a medical examination as part of the recruitment process. This medical examination is only permitted if it is necessary to determine whether the applicant is capable of Tasks of the job and if it is compatible with business needs.

The employer must have a legitimate business reason for requiring a medical exam and be able to demonstrate that reason. In addition, the employer must ensure that any medical examination it requests is related to the job and is conducted in a non-discriminatory manner.

Checklist: Recruitment examination – what exactly does the company doctor examine?

A health check is usually carried out by a company doctor. This aspect of the hiring process is often overlooked but is important because applicants must meet certain health requirements in order to even be considered for a position. The following points are usually examined:

What do applicants and employees have to indicate and bring with them during the medical examination?

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Applicants should inform the company doctor of any pre-existing medical conditions relevant to the position to which they are applying apply, might be relevant. At the pre-recruitment physical, applicants should provide a complete and accurate medical history and be prepared to Ask of the company doctor about their state of health.

Applicants must bring relevant documents, such as a doctor's certificate or vaccination card. It is important to note that applicants should not submit any information or documents that are not relevant to the pre-recruitment screening.

Data protection: What does the employer find out from the company doctor?

After completing the health check, the doctor will submit a report to the company detailing any health concerns or problems the applicant has. However, company doctors are legally obliged to treat all information they receive from their patients as confidential. However, employers can request information from the company doctor about the state of health of an applicant in order to make an informed decision decision about his suitability for a position.

The company doctor may only provide information that is relevant to the position, e.g. B. whether a person has a disability or illness that could affect their ability to do the job. The company doctor may not give out any personal information about the applicant, e.g. B. Age, gender, ethnicity or genetic information. Employers must ensure that all data collected about an applicant for sure retained and used only for health screening purposes.

When can the employer order a medical examination?

But not only applicants sometimes have to see the company doctor, it can also affect employees: Employers may order a medical examination for employees if the employer assumes, based on objective evidence, that an employee's ability to perform essential work tasks is impaired by an illness becomes.

This can include changes in the Performance employee, reports from colleagues or supervisors, or the employee's own report of a medical condition. The medical examination must be work-related and compatible with business necessity. Employers should ensure that medical examinations are limited to what is necessary to assess the employee's ability to perform essential job duties.

What medical care must the employer provide?

Employers are also responsible for providing appropriate medical care to employees suffering from work-related illnesses or injuries. This includes diagnostic tests and treatment, including first aid, and ensuring the employee has access to any necessary follow-up care. Employers should also provide their employees with educational material about the dangers of Workplace provide information, including information on the potential risks of exposure to workplace hazards. In addition, employers are required to do so by their employees following an illness or injury on the job fast provide access to medical care as possible.

Organizations can and should also encourage preventive health practices among employees by providing them with access to health information and encouraging healthy lifestyles. This can e.g. E.g. healthy nutrition in the company canteen, regular sports and relaxation offers, for example during the lunch break or after work. The provision of ergonomic office chairs or standing desks or even the appointment of a masseur can also be part of the offer. Health-oriented further training or even health trips in the form of small spa stays financed by the employer can also help to raise health awareness. In the case of physically strenuous activities, further offers from the employer are in demand.

Health check by employer: Not nice, but sometimes unavoidable

In summary, while a health check may be ethically debatable, it is essential in many companies, especially when hiring new employees, to ensure applicants are in good health before they are hired.

The company medical examination can help employers to identify possible health problems that affect an applicant's ability to perform the job or a Risks could represent for other employees. By taking this step, employers can protect the health and safety of their employees and ensure the right person is hired for the job.

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