The German Economy must be innovative if it wants to remain internationally competitive. But superimposed start-up fantasies are not enough, we need a new management culture - and new skills.

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StartUps - a hot topic. But also durable?

Start-ups are a hot topic right now, not only in the self-proclaimed start-up capital of Berlin: Some of the large corporations also have their own innovators or specifically promote start-ups. And spin-offs are emerging at universities. Paradoxically it is Business start in Germany it is still a difficult subject.

So it sounds good that everywhere a new start-up mentality, called StartUp culture is called. And also Companys like rocket Internet of the notorious Samwer brothers are extremely successful with their start-ups, which run like a conveyor belt.

Founding culture in Germany vs. Germany other countries

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But that pretty much contradicts every notion that thorough, pedantic Germans have of starting a business. First of all, it's always about the bureaucratic hurdles - from the tax about the right insurance

Why is that and what would have to be done differently so that more disruptive start-ups and ultimately more innovations arise in Germany? The fact is that things are different in the United States. I've interviewed several successful tech entrepreneurs over the past few years - Sillicon Valley entrepreneurs, New York's youngest billionaire, or the founders of Transferwise in Estonia.

What do successful tech startups do differently?

Take, for example, the American John Oringer, who started his stock photo agency Shutterstock with his own photos and finally recently brought them to the stock market. According to Forbes, he is considered Silicon Alley's first billionaire.

Or the Icelander Skulli Mogensen, who started OZ Communications in 1990, which he later sold to Nokia, and founded the airline WOW air in 2012. But a head of state and the well-known extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner have also stood by me in recent years Rede and answer to the question of what successful people do to be so successful.

Team spirit works - always!

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There's LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Guericke, who emigrated to Silicon Valley from Germany and had an idea of ​​his own, very German, Team spirit in the company while remaining flexible. Or the former Icelandic head of state Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, who raised her child alone and at the same time ruled her country for many years.

In addition, I kept asking in posts: How could it work, for example, that Steve Jobs actually did everything wrong and was still successful? Why was Marissa Mayer's regressive home office refusal actually a victory for Yahoo? Is FacebookIf Sheryl Sandberg is to be believed, actually a social enterprise?

Never had a real job: on a collision course with traditional ideas

Why does extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner love failure? And how does Kevin Spacey, who is no longer welcome, and who also acts as an investor, see the Welt

What is striking: many of the entrepreneurs interviewed have never had a “real” job in the traditional sense, they preferred to do their own thing – against everyone else resistors. Reinhold Messner, for example, freely admits that he always did what he was asked to do Lust had. And Skulli Mogensen says people thought he was crazy because he started an airline as a telecoms expert.

Work as an integral part in the lives of the founders

In general, work is an integral part of life for most of the interviewees: Skulli Mogensen briefly tried to pension to go: “But I was really bad at that. I needed new challenges,” he admits.

Jon Oringer can't separate work and life. When asked what he does when he's not working, he has to think for a long time. And mobile phone and note blog for new ones ideas are always at hand, even at night.

Highly productive and constantly looking for improvements

Because that is also part of the entrepreneurial recipe for success: the ability to learn from mistakes and to constantly seek improvements. Things to Learn see it as an ongoing process. Reinhold Messner explains, for example, that he learned a lot more from failure than from his successes.

And the GoogleSales-Director Fionnuala Meehan explains how important it is, how important it is to be able to steer your own energies and switch off from time to time in order to be consistently successful and not to burn out.

Success personalities are different

But also the unswerving belief in oneself, as it is with Steve Jobs or Elon Musk emerges, ultimately leading to Successwho is also sometimes on Costs other goes. Because of course there are also the dark sides of so many Personality, as the recent scandal surrounding Kevin Spacey shows.

These different interviewees impress in very different ways and show how success can work and how it works - and also what personal preconditions you have to bring with it and what additional framework conditions must be in place to become a successful entrepreneur and even a millionaire.

Adapt to the changed leadership culture

In Germany we are doing now Employees, company and the Executives well off tomorrow to adapt to this changed corporate culture and the "new" leaders.

This demands a lot from established managers in particular: renunciation of personal vanities, loss of control, dealing with one's own fears, the ability to involve teams and employees in decision-making processes - but at the same time to be confident and confident to guide and direct as a serving leader.

Leading Tomorrow Needs New Soft Skills

Because new Guide must not be an excuse for indecisiveness. How can this contradiction succeed? In order to recognize this, one has to look at the topic of leadership from very different perspectives such as self-management, Leadership, leadership or project management.

But also about topics such as the agility of organizations or Respect urgent thought should be given - right down to very specific topics such as the design of employee appraisals. It will clear: Tomorrow's leadership urgently needs new soft skills. And we should all work on developing these skills.

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