Anyone can be a victim of bullying attacks Workplace become. But you don't just have to accept them, you can learn to react appropriately and effectively to such attacks and even steal the show from the bully.

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If from colleagues enemies

Anyone who works has colleagues – and they can rarely be changed. If a colleague is hostile to us, it can be difficult for us: Such people often try to get at us with stupid jokes or insults Costs to profile. In the privacy avoid these people.

However, this is not possible in operation. After all, it is almost always about realizing goals together with colleagues. interpersonal Problems jeopardize these goals. Therefore, everyone is jointly responsible for productive company harmony. Face up to this special responsibility - and actively defend yourself against bullying in the workplace!

5 ways to stop bullying at work

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There are different types of defense Measuresranging from rhetorical devices to psychological help and legal action. We have put together 5 measures for you here.

1. Recognize bullying

Bullying usually begins with exclusionary and derogatory activities. Their content ranges from malice and ridicule to cheekiness and lies. The perpetrators rarely reveal their motives. So the attacker sometimes just thinks he can with his Behavior the own self-confidence increase.

Perhaps he is also driven by envy or insecurity. Rarely are goal-oriented plans behind it. So you are dealing with clowns or enemies. The background, the experience as well as the individual position in the company give you indications of the most likely motive.

2. React, but do not become a perpetrator!

If you do Objective of bullying attacks, you should not wait, but tackle them as early as possible. Reactions will help you with almost any type of verbal attack. However, the quick-wittedness techniques require some exercise.

With each of your re-actions, be careful not to become the perpetrator yourself: It is important to treat your adversary with respect. You should avoid counterattacks! Depending on the reaction, the attacked person turns into the actual aggressor from the viewer's perspective. Perhaps to plan scheming colleagues even such a metamorphosis. However, our perception of an attack is very different. Orientate yourself (also) on your attacker: He determines the height of the belt line!

3. First aid

Defense against bullying does not constitute conflict management! A Konflikt can almost always be objectively justified and processed accordingly. Bullying, on the other hand, involves attacking a person because of their Personality and almost never because of her Opinions at. Bullying is always destructively motivated.

A supervisor should, therefore, necessarily take appropriate action in the case of knowledge, but unfortunately no help is to be expected from this side. The best help is your own initiative. This method is suitable for anyone who feels verbally attacked by the work of colleagues and wants to stop the attacks. The techniques presented here can be implemented without any special knowledge by anyone concerned.

4. Imagine a risk

What you should basically understand: Your adversary tries to increase his reputation by making others smaller. If the attacked reacts uncertainly or speechless, the attacker will get exactly the reaction he was hoping for. He prefers to have this confirmation in front of him Audience, because then the others admire his actions. He hears theirs Lachen as applause for his defamatory manner. Unfortunately, his soaring doesn't last long.

The happiness hormones released in him soon seep into his bloodstream - and he needs his next portion of recognition. However, being cautious, he always attacks the person he doesn't expect much resistance from. It is disadvantageous for this type of attacker if his victim fights back. He wants to gain recognition and not be the focus of ridicule himself. He is cowardly and rarely goes an incalculable Risks .

This is the risk you must represent! They basically have different options to react to silly sayings. They can be impressed, offended, amused or indifferent. Frequently, the first attacks come from the sky. Here are only the fewest set on a defense. Since mobbing-affine persons are repeat offenders, the next attack is foreseeable. On this next attack, you stand up and steal the mobber's show.

5. 5 tips against bullying

I have summarized what you can specifically do against bullying:

  1. First, learn techniques that can be used to appreciate a bullying attack.
  2. In addition, the non-verbal response option provides you with an attack.
  3. After that, it's about talking to viewers to drag them to their own page.
  4. Furthermore, the defense responses are differentiated according to the number and rank of the attacker.
  5. You should improve your own language skills and your rhetorical skills.

Why bullying is not a singular phenomenon

Workplace bullying can be difficult to spot or even believe, but it can still happen. Workplace bullying is defined as any behavior intended to humiliate, intimidate, harass or intimidate and bully another person and/or to damage a person's self-esteem or professional reputation.

According to studies, millions of people around the world are bullied at work. Most of them deal with workplace bullying on a daily basis and feel increasingly helpless. "I don't speak much," is a common refrain among victims. In addition, they are often mocked and ridiculed.

Mobbing Bullying: The psychology of the perpetrators

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Bullying can have many causes: We live in a culture where when we are worried about something we tend to overreact. This can lead to more problems than just the original problem as we try to allay our concerns. How shall we do it? We're looking for another culprit.

We push them Debt to a person or group of people who we believe are responsible for the problem, or at least part of it. This is the syndrome of “blaming others”. The problem is that this type of attitude instead of relying on Solutions Focusing can make the individual feel victimized and ineffective.

Encourage victims of bullying

One thing is clear: bullying in the workplace is a serious problem – and one that is difficult to combat. An important approach is therefore Employees to encourage understanding what causes bullying and whether it is possible to counteract it.

If someone is being bullied at work, the tips mentioned above can provide initial help. You could take a personal leave of absence, see a counselor, or just like that fast get out of the situation as much as possible.

Serious bullying - simple tips no longer help

However, when the bullying is more serious, the victim needs to do more than that. There are some specific strategies and actions that can help the victim fight back and protect themselves from further physical and psychological harm.

As an employee in Germany, you are legally free to report workplace bullying to your employer, who must then take action. The problem is that many people shy away from doing this. They have Anxiety, being seen as a “snitch” or being bullied yourself.

This is how appreciative resistance works

This is where Appreciative Resistance comes into play. This is one Strategythat is based on a deep understanding that the bully is also a victim. It's not about judging, it's about understanding what's going on and dealing with these everyday aggressors Respect and meet acceptance.

It's like a "buddy cop"-System. The “victim” (the person being bullied) and the “buddy cop” (the person reporting the bullying) meet in a neutral setting and agree on a strategy for dealing with the bullying. The "buddy cop" might say, "I can't stop you from working at home, but I won't interfere in your personal life anymore."

Fear of a toxic corporate culture

The employer and its corporate culture also contribute decide contribute to improving a bullying situation – or not. Some companies have good policies in place to prevent workplace bullying and harassment. One of the most common is creating an employee-friendly culture. This means everyone in the workplace needs to know how to deal with a difficult person and how to prevent bullying. Other companies also really fuel the topic of bullying with a toxic corporate culture.

For employees who are threatened and bullied in the workplace, the behavior of their co-workers or managers in a toxic corporate culture can be particularly troubling. Such aggressive behavior is not only uncomfortable for the victim, but also for their colleagues and managers. In short, bullying and intimidation is not only disruptive to the victim, but also to those around them and thus the entire corporate culture and collaboration. If this aggression is not stopped, it can only cause harm to the whole Company .

Checklist: What companies can do about bullying

Given the current state of our world, the need for positive, proactive and productive behavior is more important than ever! Such a lifestyle includes a healthy work environment and the exclusion of bullying in the workplace. The following checklist will help:

There is no better time than now to set the stage for a workplace where everyone is respected and everyone is valued.

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