“Utility-oriented texts” – sounds pretty technical. It is - but only at first glance. This article, itself a representative of its type of text, shows briefly and precisely: What are utility-oriented texts and what are they not? And how do you write them in terms of research, introduction, structure, text elements and Style?

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Precise, concrete, understandable: utility-oriented texts

Value-oriented texts? Sounds a bit like a technical manual: “Work instruction B for process 569 in the third run…” - or something like that.

Or an economic one Costs-To use-on account. And yet these lyrics are anything but dry and boring. Neither for the reader (if it is, the author is bad) nor for the author. Find out why in this article.

Definition: Utility-oriented texts - what is that actually?

Strictly speaking, utility-oriented texts are nothing more than precise instructions for action, the content of which the reader can grasp with as little effort as possible.

The texts provide tips and good advice on what the reader should say or do in certain situations. They mostly appear in guides and related publications - and are one thing above all: useful!

Attention: Why this text looks like this

Are you wondering about the formatting and the strong subdivision? This text not only informs you, but also serves as an example of a utility-oriented text. Therefore, there are numerous subheadings, Checklists, boxes and examples. And short paragraphs!

If you want to write like this, you have to stick to the given Structure hold. As Umberto Eco said in his “Postscript to the 'Name of the Rose'”: “In order to be able to invent freely, one must impose restrictions.” It sounds counterintuitive. And it's true: Within this structure, the author has a lot of creative leeway (more on that below).

But many authors might not feel that way at first light fall to write value-oriented. That's because most people are used to a completely different type of writing - depending on whether they come from journalism or literature, for example. So it's time to get used to it. Both in terms of style and content as well as the demands on the reader. That was also the case with me.

Five tips: You should change this if you want to write in a value-oriented way


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