There are always different discussions about the same question: Where do we actually stand with social media? And: have we arrived at it or feel don't we just like each other?

Social Media Marketing: What does the future look like?

The time of how-to's is over

Some say social media is dead on the dance floor, others philosophize about his arrival in the Everyday life, which reminds me more of the revolutionary literature of the GDR than of what we are currently finding. And for still others, will everyone be a marketer in 2014?

And then I would like to go to the violent discussion about that Career of social media manager which we recently introduced.

All of these contributions have one thing in common: They understood that we have arrived somewhere and exactly this where and the further way should be discussed. The time of how-to's is over - everyone is quite right about it.

Where are we right now?

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But if you ask yourself what comes next, you have to realize one thing: It is no longer about the discussion of platforms or content. Social media has long been an expert field and as such, it is now more recognized.

The social media manager is not a jack of all trades, usually has first-class training and further education and is one thing above all: the interface to the community. Nobody knows better than he or she what the followers, fans or whatever you call all of them Peoplewho read the content wants to name.

If the words are missing: Social media has not yet arrived in the language

However, the difficulty of putting things into words is evidence of another circumstance that should not be despised: Social media has still not really arrived in our language. For certain terms, standardized terms are still missing.

Here are a few examples: For people who appear in social networks follow, there is just as little Term as for the performances as such. Likewise, we are still talking about channels. Originally derived, this comes from advertising or communication channels.

Overflows, resuscitations and new beginnings

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Social media, but social networks are limited channels. They are exchange, interaction and place of the medial meeting of people of equal interests. For me, this lack of matching terms shows that it is not so easy to describe our condition.

Because all these observations ultimately testify to a circumstance: We have neither arrived nor have we arrived. We are in a shift that many of us have missed in the beginning and whose end is not yet reached even in well-digitized societies.

What everyone needs to understand

In this respect it is currently about two things that every human being has to understand:

  1. We are in the midst of a change and this must be understood in order to arrive here. What sounds so succinct is elementary for many - because change is definitely not called Facebook.
  2. This upheaval has no foreseeable end, so it is a task for companies in particular to obtain experts. A PR consultant is not a social media manager and vice versa - the jack of all trades was not invented in this change either.

So the question is not a new beginning, but rather a waiting, a kind of pausing until the majority eye level stands before the spearhead rushes to new shores and thus loses more and more contact with the users.

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