Eating and drinking are much more than just basic needs: When used correctly, food can even do it Stress and Anxiety fight. However, the subject is very complex.

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Stress in everyday work vs. healthy eating

Unfortunately, healthy nutrition is not a topic that can be packed into a few crisp tips. are for this People too individual that needs too different. Unfortunately, this has not yet been implemented sufficiently in our healthcare system. who himself healthy wants to feed, so far the trial and error process has been the main option.

The everyday stress of everyday work also has an effect negative on the diet: They often just prepare some ready meals instead of taking the time to cook something healthy. A survey of Society for consumer research (GfK) shows:

Optimal nutrition - a lot of material for discussion

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For almost 90 percent of employees, stress is not a foreign word. 36 percent of those surveyed even state that they are constantly stressed feel. This can even lead to diseases, among other things due to malnutrition. According to the Federal Association of Company Health Insurance Funds, such health burdens are already causing annual problems Costs of 6,3 billion euros.

Opinions differ on what optimal healthy nutrition looks like, as a glance at the numerous health and food guides shows. How far you want to go with a healthy diet is up to you decide. My personal diet includes, for example, not eating normal bread. Nevertheless, wholemeal bread, for example, is very popular in many nutrition guides. There are reasons.

Nutrients Protein fats

Anyone who uses wholegrain products also protects the body's protein reserves. Protein as a nutrient is important for building and maintaining the muscles that are required during heavy physical work. Protein is found in cheese, meat and fish as well as in potatoes or legumes. It is best to mix animal and vegetable proteins!

But fat is not taboo either. This nutrient provides pure Energy, even if it can only be mobilized relatively slowly from the body's fat deposits. It is therefore important: Better to activate fats from nuts, fish or olive oil than saturated fatty acids from butter, sausage or cream. The Combination made from wholesome carbohydrates, high-quality protein and activating fatty acids provides fuel and building material for muscles and tendons.

Clever snacks close gaps in vital substances

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Unfortunately, such dietary rules for craftsmen who are under deadline pressure or work on construction sites cannot always be followed light implement. But even those who depend on fast food during their lunch break can supplement the missing vital substances. You can do this with an apple, a carrot or a glass of vegetable juice.

Nuts also make a great snack, and thanks to the nerve vitamin B1, they strengthen concentration and coordination - skills that are particularly in demand in commercial professions. In addition, nuts as well as the energy-giving bananas or dried apricots score with plenty of minerals.

Minerals: drink, drink, drink

Your magnesium, for example, acts like a spark plug in energy metabolism and has a key to performance. Constant replenishment of minerals is also important because the body continuously loses electrolytes through sweating during heavy physical work.

About 0,5 to 1 liter of sweat is lost every hour during intensive muscle work. Mineral water or sprayed fruit juices (3 parts mineral water, 1 part fruit juice) replace both liquid and the lost vital substances.

Water - more than just a thirst quencher

Drinking a lot is also a simple measure to counteract stress act. Of 76 percent of those surveyed who bought water at the Workplace drink, 91 percent of the GfK survey gave the reason for this: "It's the best thirst quencher". "Because it's healthy" (84 percent), "so that I can balance my fluid balance" (88 percent) are other reasons.

According to the survey, 30 percent of those surveyed say that water helps to reduce stress. In the group of “constantly or frequently stressed” it is even more (37 percent). A stress reducing one Effect is therefore perceived. Because: water optimizes the function of the nervous system due to its good electrical conductivity. Dehydration impairs brain function and thought processes. Dehydration is pure stress for the organism.

Beware of alcohol

However, caution is advised with alcohol: alcohol can obviously affect physical and mental health to a great extent Age support. A study shows: Those who regularly consume a good drop remain productive for longer. No reason, however, alcohol as a constant stimulant for your own performance in the Job to consume.

Moderate drinkers have a longer life expectancy than strict abstainers. This is the result of dozens of studies on the connection between alcohol consumption and fatal heart disease, such as the GSAAM eV (German Society for Prävention and anti-aging medicine) on their homepage ( Those at risk of addiction should rather keep their hands off it!

Higher life expectancy thanks to alcohol?

Total mortality including all types of death, including cancer, is also clear humiliated. The "Experts for Healthy Aging" correct the German Society for Nutrition. In the 2008 Nutrition Report, she claimed that alcohol has the greatest carcinogenic potential and should therefore be completely avoided. That is why the GSAAM recalls the words of Paracelsus: “The dose makes the poison”. There is probably no other substance that does this as much as alcohol.

Undoubtedly correct: Manifest alcoholics or addictive should completely abstain from alcohol. However, anyone who does not belong to this group - and that is more than 90 percent of all Germans - has a clear health benefit through moderate alcohol consumption.

This is how wine works

This applies in particular to wine consumption. Wine has a 8.000 year history as one of the oldest medicines. Medieval monasteries were centers of nursing and wine production. The devastating consequences of alcohol distillation then robbed the wine of its medicinal properties Significance.

A rethink introduced the "French paradox": In France, despite a high-fat diet, the rate of fatal heart disease is significantly lower than in the USA. Red wine in particular provides favorable effects. It contains special phytonutrients from the skins and seeds. The most important substance is resveratrol.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption – Greater Health Benefits?

This is due to a daily alcohol consumption of around 30 to 50 grams – which corresponds to around two glasses of wine Risks for fatal heart disease compared to the abstainers by about 50 percent lower. Wine polyphenols improve blood circulation, fight aggressive oxygen molecules, protect against the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and against chronic inflammatory processes, including in the Brain. This not only reduces the risk of a heart attack but also of Alzheimer's dementia.

The Rotterdam Alzheimer study, with some 8.000 participants (the largest prospective study on Alzheimer's disease), showed that 1-3 glasses of wine reduced the risk of dementia by more than half. Moderate alcohol consumption protects not only the heart but also the brain.

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