The LeanStartupMethod derives its name from LeanManufacturing Revolution ago, the so-called lean production, the development of which is attributed to Toyota and the two Japanese Taiichi Ohno and Shigeo Shingo. Lean thinking has triggered a radical change in value chains and manufacturing systems.

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Principles of the method

To the principles of this Method include the utilization of knowledge, the personal responsibility of each individual employee, the reduction of batch sizes, just-in-time production, inventory control and the acceleration of cycle times.

They led the Welt present the difference between value-added activities and waste Eyes and showed how product quality can be increased from the inside out. The lean startup concept agrees with this ideas depends on the context in which entrepreneurs operate, who should evaluate their progress differently than in other areas of the company.

Validated learning to eliminate waste

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Progress in manufacturing is measured by the production of high-quality physical goods. The lean startup method stems from another Definition of the term “progress”; we mean validated Things to Learn.

Because the learning process is our benchmark, we can recognize and eliminate the enormous waste that affects entrepreneurial thinking and action.

What is an entrepreneurship theory?

A comprehensive entrepreneurship theory should address all aspects of an innovative, risky initiative:

Vision and Concept, product development, Marketing and sales, model transfer (scaleup), partnerships and distribution, Structure and organizational design.

Lean StartUp method for what

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You should have a method to the StartupInitiatives Hand to measure progress in the context of extreme uncertainty. They should be entrepreneurs klare Provide guidance for the tough decisions they face:

Let's take the product, forming cross-functional teams and giving them responsibility for the milestones in the learning process, instead of setting up departments strictly according to functional aspects.

Functional teams or functional departments?

Such functional departments would be, for example, marketing, sales, information technology, human resources departments - i.e. all areas in which the Employees are responsible for good performance in their specialty.

Whether you agree with the recommendation or are skeptical, you decide to implement it and I am for surethat you pretty fast Getting feedback from your teams that the new process is affecting their productivity.

Efficiency through passing through

You will be asked to go back to the old way of working, which allowed your employees to "increase their efficiency" by doing overtime and passing through Tasks to other departments.

You can confidently predict this result, and not just because I have it in many Company have seen. It is a clear forecast that refers to the “start phase” of the LeanStartup theory.

To be productive means to have done what?

When employees are used to measuring their productivity locally, they feel accomplished when they add their tasks to theirs for a full day satisfaction take care of.

During my work as a programmer, this meant programming eight hours without interruption. If I succeeded, it was a good day for me.

A new way to measure your own productivity

If I, on the other hand, through Ask, different kinds of processes or, God forbid, meetings, I felt bad. What had I accomplished on days like this?

codes and Features were tangible for me; I could see them, understand them, refer to them. Learning processes, on the other hand, are immaterial in a frustrating way. The lean startup method demands a new way of measuring your own productivity.

Startups do not need to be productive

Since startups often develop products and services that ultimately nobody wants, it doesn't matter if they stick to time and budget constraints. The goal of one Startups is to find out as quickly as possible what it should be offering - what customers want and what they are willing to pay for.

In other words, the Lean Startup method offers a novel way of looking at the development of innovative new products; she values ​​short cycle times, customer feedback, a far-reaching and ambitious vision Set - and all at the same time.

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