There are big differences what Candidate think what HR pay attention - and what HR managers really look at. What really counts when hiring: practical experience.

Recruitment criteria for recruiters: What do recruiters really look for in applicants?

How students improve their start into professional life - checklist of typical questions

Who else in the middle Study stuck or maybe just about to graduate, many arise Ask. This could be for example:

Do you notice the difference? The first three questions are some typical examples of questions that students grapple with today when thinking about how to improve their starting conditions in working life. These are, however, quite egocentric and do not go further than your own thinking horizon.

Which criteria decide on the personnel selection?

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I know that from my own experience, after all I was up once after graduation Job Search and I annoyed potential employers with my ideas. Today, as an entrepreneur, I get applications on the table and compared to my first steps in the Job only smile.

Today I learned a lot about how things really work in everyday working life and what other people, in this case future employers, really pay attention to. But what are the actual criteria when selecting personnel?

Personality and practical experience count more than the type of degree

When it comes to personnel decisions, in addition to the field of study, the Personality of the applicant, practical experience and very good knowledge of English play a particularly important role. Here it can be assumed that the chemistry between the HR manager and the applicant is just right or that the latter Company must fit. Language skills are also an important aspect in times of increasing globalization.

For many applicants, however, this fact will come as a surprise: The type of degree - bachelor, master, diploma - and the exam grade are far less important than most believe.

Is a PhD worth it?

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As a success factor on the job market, students are often advised to do voluntary work alongside their studies. That can't do any harm, but it's of secondary importance for HR managers Significance.

A doctorate, other foreign languages, an MBA degree are also considered to be rather unimportant. However, I believe that such additional qualifications in the closer selection with two equally well qualified Candidates can tip the scales.

Which soft skills are required?

And then there are the ominous soft skills. Which are important? For the majority of the personnel responsible, they are solution-oriented thinking, self-employment and communication skills.

And at this point they wish Recruiter from universities more Commitment in terms of Vocational Training of the students. Also regarding the Konflikt- and Teamwork as well as the empathy of the students, the HR staff see a need for action.

It depends on the usability of the profession

It does not surprise me that the HR professionals value soft skills of their own and, more generally, those skills that are directly usable in everyday working life. This may be a little brief from the corporate side, but it's probably human.

soft skills like creativity, the mastery of learning and working techniques, rhetorical skills and willingness to learn, i.e. the clear More abstract skills, which are more useful in the long term, receive less attention.

Overcome the gap between theory and practice

This shows an interesting difference between the theoretical, university-oriented view of what might be in demand on the job market - and the actual demands in reality.

graduates who successfully If you want to start your career, you would do well to overcome the gap between your theory-heavy training and practice.

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