Print has long been declared dead, but today printed magazines are considered the supreme discipline in the media industry. But how do you become a specialist magazine publisher?

Job profile! Trade magazine publisher: professional magazine for aspiring models

More than a shallow glamor post?

At the age of 23, Niña-Katharina Paetow was one of the youngest female editors-in-chief in Germany. Together with her deputy Sina Franco, Paetow ran the magazine “CASTING - BE A STAR!”.

The magazine addressed self-confident People between 16 and 30 years, the one Jobs aspire to be a model, actor, musician or entertainer or are enthusiastic about their lifestyle. But CASTING was more than just a shallow glamor postille: the magazine provided comprehensive preparation for the everyday working life of a model. So the first professional journal for prospective models?

The target audience was clear: "There are millions of people who dream of becoming a star," says Niña-Katharina Paetow. “We treat our readers' dreams with respect and take them seriously. CASTING – BE A STAR! will therefore not only deliver a lot of glamour, but above all utility.”

Even those who swim against the casting wave floats in it

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In itself a good one Idea: In addition to the expected style and beauty tips, interviews and star reports, the 100-page magazine also included casting appointments, insider reports and the “Plan B” section: “Good to know – even if you don’t Star bist” with information for job, Money and life or on topics such as “Abi by post”. Apparently, the creators have given careful thought to what information the Boy Target group needed to start model life.

With high standards: The magazine wanted to set itself apart from casting shows alla Heidi Klum and yet swam on the same wave. Even the logo with the star - borrowed from PRO7. Nevertheless, a demarcation: “We don't want to embarrass anyone, but take the dreams and talents of our readers seriously. We want to reach people who are serious about going their own way - and who want to be famous for more than 15 minutes. "

At the same time that Objective, also to stimulate the readers to think. So the magazine has one SALE against Eating Disorders (ES). Under the motto "It's not the IT that counts, but you!" The fashion and beauty industry was asked to seriously deal with the topic, which has been known for years.

Tail wind from father

The initial print run of the magazine was 150.000 copies, and it is published every 14 days. The Risks The young journalist, who was doing a traineeship at FOCUS-CAMPUS, was also aware of this: “In our Industry At the moment, the only talk is that printed magazines are dead or don't stand a chance. It seemed completely crazy then to want to bring a new object onto the market without a group behind you,” the young journalist recalls.

But the magazine is not just a StartUp garage idea, it has a tailwind from the start: Paetow was supported with her idea by her father, Stephan Paetow, who was deputy editor-in-chief of FOCUS. "You have to do that!" he said." He probably said and did a lot more than that.

Paetow insists, however, that he developed the idea for the magazine all by himself - namely, after being approached by scouts, to work as a model: “If journalism had not always been my dream job, I might actually have moved to Milan to do it there to do first shoots. But I felt overwhelmed and left alone from the first steps - I would have loved to read a magazine like CASTING that I can trust. I think the best magazine ideas are those that are not based on the drawing board, but based on your own experience and observation. ”

And so we found a magazine

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Together with blogger and qualified fashion journalist Sina Franco, Niña-Katharina Paetow developed a zero number “which was created in our living rooms in three and a half weeks.” Franco adds: “Friendly models, photographers and freelance journalists helped us. In addition, as a blogger, you know a lot of people who were all there when we asked them for help. ”

And then, contrary to expectations, everything went perfectly fast: A printer that was convinced of the business idea printed the dummy that Paetow and Franco used to look for investors free of charge. Already after three weeks it succeeded Financing: the entrepreneur Michael Heil from Weinheim, “who has never had anything to do with the media” (Franco), but works in medical technology, got on board and made the start of the magazine possible. A few days ago, Frank-Michael Wellner, formerly editor-in-chief of “Blond”, completed the trio as second deputy editor-in-chief.

User-generated content consistently implemented

One thing has to be left to the creators: They consistently implemented the approaches of the user-generated contet and current media trends: on every cover and in its fashion series, only “Models of the Week” selected by readers are photographed. Anyone - whether amateur or professional - can sign up for this performance apply. The only condition: he or she has never appeared on a cover.

The magazine not only entrusted itself to the tastes of its readers and thus cleverly gets them on board - it also had fresh, fresh faces and, like “Dir Brigitte”, saves a lot of money when photographing amateur models .

None of this helped, the magazine never made the big breakthrough, so it's no wonder that it's no longer on the market today. But it was a try for sure value.

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