While the brown bear Bruno made headlines for weeks in Germany, bears in Canada are completely normal - and are largely harmless. Bear guide Carol LéPine shows how they live. 


Dangerous bears are only if you are unprepared

"It might just get a bit dangerous if I catch the bear unprepared," explains Carol as we sit pretty in his old school bus fast bumping along a forest path. Carol LéPine is one who has studied bears extensively. A good 60 kilometers from Quebec City, he explains to tourists how the animals live.

We are late, because dusk is approaching - and this is food for the bears. Carol brought them a mixture of fruits, biscuits and caramelized honey, which he made on a large stone a few hundred meters from our high ground.

He never used the Bear's Prey in 12 years

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"There are also a lot of insects in the sweet mix that lick the bears along with," explains Carol. If he had been surprised by a bear on the way to the stone, it could have been unpleasant.

For exactly those moments of surprise, Carol always has a can of bear spray with cayenne pepper. This should scare the bears away in an emergency. "But I never had to use that in 12 years," says Carol.

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The passion for the profession

12 years – that's how long he's been doing this job. "What job," laughs Carol. "I don't even have a job!" Rather, he has his passion for Job made. Our interview is a little embarrassing for him because, as he says straight away: "I don't speak English that well."

Carol's desire for freedom has always been great. Instead of going to school, he preferred to play outside. He failed the exam three times. Carol later got his high school diploma and was a technician at one Company, which manufactured diving equipment.

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Prefer to work outside than in the office

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But then he wanted to do his own thing: “One of my friends has one Company started with dog sledding. I quit my job to join Aventure Inukshuk. I just wanted to be outside all the time and not inside anymore Office work,” he explains his Motivation for Foundation developed by

“In the beginning we worked with dog sledding. Bear tours were added later. And in winter, when the bears are asleep, they also offer snowmobile tours. Irony of the story: "Now I have office work again because of the tourists," laughs Carol.

He continues to do the bear tours himself

But even if the company now has numerous Employees Carol still does the bear tours herself: "The bears are my great passion, I won't let that take me away," he says.

Be Background he taught himself about nature and bears. “Learning by doing”, as he says. In addition, Carol lived with the Indians for some time and learned a lot there.

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He knows every bear by name

Carol therefore not only knows a lot about the vegetation and the trees, but knows every bear by name. You can differentiate them on the face: “The bridge of the nose and forehead are different for every bear,” he explains. And when suddenly a bear lady emerges from the bushes with three cubs that begin to lick the stone completely empty, he knows how to tell all sorts of things about this bear family.

“The bears can live up to 15 years. In spring at the time of mating, male bears are more likely to be seen, ”says the bear leader, while the bears finally polish the stone with their tongues.

A job that is always different

Sometimes he says the bears also climb the trees when they find food there. For the young ones yet light are enough, that's not Problem, but once, Carol reports, laughing, he saw a tree that buckled under the bear's weight until the bear eventually fell

“Every evening is different, you never know what will happen: Sometimes we even see 10 bears. It's never the same scenario. ” That's what Carol loves about his job.

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