Many People are dissatisfied with the organization of their own life time between work and leisure time. Often hinders Money in the Implementation of goals. But that need not be.

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Who prevents you from achieving goals?

Who or what is preventing me from Set to reach? Where is the “inner Schweinehund” because actually exactly buried? What exactly is stopping you from spending less and being more active? I want to analyze this in detail and in writing. To that end, I'm looking at mine priorities for the shaping of my lifetime to:

Classically to earn we spend money at work and spend it in our free time. But that doesn't have to be the case: inexpensive ones can be used for many activities Alternatives find. Why had I held on to activities for so long that, although not very enjoyable, are expensive? It is precisely these activities that are a good indicator of where the obstacles to saving actually lie.

Checklist: my personal savings obstacles

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I noticed that an important obstacle to savings was that I was very oriented towards others. And thought about the reasons why it was still so difficult for me to save. In the end, I made a list of my personal obstacles to saving, which clearly showed me why saving was so bothering me.

However, I did not stop at a pure listing, but also noted the possible ones Solution. That was important because I didn't just want myself criticize, but change something productively! Think checklist with the personal obstacles ended up looking like this:

Personal obstacles to saving:I can do that against:
Over offer at possibilitiesI set priorities and find out (Eisenhower principle), which is really important to me and what I can do without.
Role model of friends and acquaintancesI realize that I only do certain things because my friends and acquaintances show it to me.
Others can not convince of the need to saveI sell my alternative ideas differently: I don't say "we have to save" but "I have a new, original idea."
Friends and family are happy about the ideas, but the implementation hangs.Others are comfortable too. Not only do I have to convince other people of alternative ideas, but I also have to ensure that they are implemented. And that usually means that I have to organize something myself - the others usually go with it.
I spend money to get and maintain social contactsSitting around at home, because you have too little money to meet new people, does not have to be: I search in Internet portals, by advertisement or notice specifically for contacts with the same interests.
I lose money through spares, z. B. Lock offersI go to the 1 Euro Shop because it is so cheap and afterwards I spent too much money. Therefore: Do not be seduced by the supposedly low prices, only buy what I really need.
ConvenienceI just get myself up. Worth it!
Afraid to do something differentWhat can happen? If I just dare something new, I'll be surprised to find that things are going much better than expected!
Lack of new ideasI use creativity techniques to get new ideas.

Find alternatives

And then of course there are those activities that make saving really difficult: They are expensive, but they make me Fun. The only thing that helps is thinking: What alternatives are there that I enjoy just as much? Of course, this can only be done on a case-by-case basis decide. A few examples that worked for me:

Savings goals achieved?

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Enter your alternatives in the column C of the Excel sheet and in column D what they cost. (In the I have already entered some values, but you can of course replace them with your own numbers.)

What does the template do?

The Vorlage then automatically calculates how much you have saved in total. Line 39 shows whether you have reached your savings goal. If the value is 0, you have reached the savings goal. If he negative is, you have even undershot it. However, if it is positive, you should save this amount.

I can congratulate myself: I even fell short of my savings target by 38 Euro.

Finally, a tip: Save on the train

Even if the train has a reputation for being expensive, it still offers considerable savings potential: It is currently cheap to travel from A to B for 29 euros one way. However, there are only a limited number of places available.

But it is even cheaper: If you book three days in advance and a night from Saturday to Sunday between round trip or if you are traveling over a weekend or weekend (so-called weekend binding), you save 50% of the fare. But beware: These places are also contingent.

Planning saves money

If I do not travel with the weekend bond, I can still get 25 percent discount if I book three days in advance. In both cases, however, the route must be longer than 100 km, there must be a long-distance train and the start and destination must be identical. You also commit to this connection - if you missed the train: bad luck.

However: If I travel not only by long-distance train but also by local train, I can choose which one I want. And you can interrupt the journey for a day. But there can only be one night in between! The special highlight: If you use the Bahncard 25, you can reduce the fare by another 25%. The Bahncard 50, on the other hand, does nothing. If you travel often with this offer, the Bahncard 25 is worthwhile clear more.

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