The enemy pictures in most Companys are defined wrongly. Self-centered, it aligns itself with direct competition. Or worse: colleagues from other areas are considered as departmental enemies. But the real enemy lurks in completely different corners.

We feel and high performance team

The true enemies prepare themselves digitally

Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, said probably the most dangerous sentence in his professional life a few weeks ago: “We finally invented the car.” This was his reaction to rumors that Apple would get into the auto business. While Daimler is still rubbing against enemy images from the classic car manufacturing market and vying with them for new vehicle registrations, completely new market players are appearing in the fast lane out of nowhere.

The digital danger can affect almost everyone today. "Which Industry are we hacking this week?" That's the battle cry of the young savages as they crouch in front of screens and bang their keys. Skilled handling Online-Media and mastering bits and bytes, the basic building blocks of digital Welt, is their most important Capital. Irreverent, courageous and cheeky, they stop at nobody. And they are very fast on road.

In the attractiveness competition for top talents

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Danger also threatens from another corner. Because in these new business times, companies are not only fighting in the race for customer favor. They are also increasingly finding themselves in competition for attractiveness on the job market, at least when it comes to that gewinnen of competent specialists and high potentials. And here, too, the digital-based providers are ahead. But not only them.

An update of corporate cultures is in full swing. And everything is under the observation of a broad public. obfuscate, cover up, lügen and cheating are obsolete in this scenario. The ones on Costs of the community are ruthlessly pilloried. Former idols such as power and greed have fallen from grace, at most people still sacrifice to them secretly. And that, too, will soon end, because soon no one will want to work for companies with a lack of ethics. You dispose of yourself.

Is the enemy image competition useful at all?

Some corporate enmities are downright legendary, such as that between Coca Cola and Pepsi or that between Burger King and McDonalds. They have for sure a lot Energy mobilized, but probably also wasted a lot of energy in the wrong place. Because as long as you concentrate your resources on the competitive enemy, you cannot use them for them customers use.

If you go into the battle for the top spots, it's mainly the male that shines Brain to mobilize a lot of energy in order to achieve victory. However, studies have also shown that the winner of a fight has lower testosterone levelsspiegel continues to rise, while he immediately goes into the basement of the loser. The question is whether those behind in the race can afford this in the long run with their employees.

What happens with “we here” against “they there”

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External enemy images may be appropriate here and there, within a Organization are they life threatening? And strong departmental thinking is deadly. If everyone works against each other instead of together, nothing good can succeed. Intrigues and constant internal rivalries destroy the “we”. The fact that confrontation and internal mass competition bring the best results in the long run is the brainchild of lonely alpha animals on the top floor.

We need inspiring friends, reliable allies and helping companions in an increasingly networked world. If, on the other hand, business organizations are based on competition instead of collaboration, then “the others” are inevitably seen as enemies. You seal yourself off, pass on false information, refuse help under flimsy reasons and let supposed opponents run into the open knife. Just so that they don't get a head start.

Everyone fights for the fattest piece of the resource cake, for the next career step, for their own goals, for their personal bonuses - and for Status of course too. "Work together" appeals mean absolutely nothing as long as such systems are kept on their toes by race lists, single-track incentive programs, and profit-center thinking.

So that a company can function as if from a single cast

A fast, smooth interaction of the internal power chain demands to take farewell to departmental thinking and internal rivalries. This only promotes departmentalism and does not serve the customer. In any case, the company realizes very quickly when a company does not work as if it were from a single source.

So here's a specific tip: Don't hold target agreement talks with all employees individually, but as a team talk - even across departmental boundaries. In this way, you get everyone on board – and options for achieving goals can be coordinated together. This increases the chances of success enormously. Because a group falls on the way to Objective more than one individual - and all rowing in the same direction.

At the same time, you get rid of a bloated target control bureaucracy and thus save a lot of time. They also bend egoisms. If individual targets are linked to financial advantages, people are concerned primarily with getting the highest possible remuneration with the least effort, even if this is at the expense of others and harms the company as a whole.

Why we feel more and more important

Knowledge work can only bear rich fruit through collaboration. Especially in our satellite, complex and increasingly virtual world Working world it is among the most important Tasks to foster leadership, belonging and cohesion across the organization.

If the connections are too weak, people quickly start looking for more stable, better-functioning groups. And in another Projects, in another Team or in another organization.

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