Introverts, quiet People become in our Society, in which extraversion seems to be the norm, is often overlooked. I want to make a contribution to quiet people daring confident to stand up for yourself.


What the company thinks about introverts

No introverted child or quiet adult should have to think something is not in Order with him or her just because he/she doesn't do or doesn't like certain socially desirable things. A typical quote that introverts often encounter:

“Quiet people should best do a suitable job. Guide or sales is of course out of the question. It is best to become a programmer or archivist as a quiet person. Quiet people can learn to be normal, however, if they just go out of their way and show more emotion. ”

The phrases like act like a silly caricature and yet you don't hear that very often in the industrial world.

What annoys me: The discrimination of introverts

The books on the subject (advertising)

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Something like that annoys me. It annoys me so much that I published a book on this subject in 2013: “Convincingly quiet. How quiet people theirs Power use effectively.”

As soon as such a book is on the market, readers and interested people start Ask to ask and deal with what the consideration is now useful for! I would like to go into this in this text and share the answers to some questions with you.

Introversion - a quiet revolution?

For some years now, good publications on this subject have been making a fuss. Susan Cain and Sylvia Loekenwho, on the subject of self-marketing for introverts, are also on Best of HR -® has published are named as examples as authors. There is also an infinite number of texts in blogs, in forums and on social media. This seems to be a form that particularly suits quiet people!

Apparently there is a quiet one Revolution instead: Quiet people find a way that suits them to express themselves and to deal with them. All of this is done with the aim of being able to live his life in line with his penchant for introversion. Then quiet people work authentic and then they are unbeatable in many areas.

The special skills of introverts

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For example, silent people are often impressive speakers and presenters. The difficulty of these activities, the need for exercise and stage fright have nothing to do with introversion. This is quiet and loud people alike.

This is only an example. As mentioned, it applies to many (or all?) Areas that as a quieter person, the same applies Set can achieve, only with your own means.

When are you actually introverted?

My wish and my dream, which are behind the book: That gentle people are at peace with themselves and in this way for themselves a small quiet revolution can effect.

A question I am often asked: “How do you know if you are introverted? And can you do something about it? ”The simple answer: sometimes, sometimes. Of course, the topic is more complex.

Way with the labels

I believe that it is practical to introvert im Everyday life not to be understood as a personality trait set in stone. It is not helpful if a person receives such a label or misses himself. Instead, you can find out if you notice a preference for introversion or extraversion in yourself.

There are a few helpful tests, for example online on Sylvia Löhken's website. It is only helpful or useful if you yourself find this consideration exciting. You don't have to deal with the topic!

Intro, Extra, or Ambitious?

If you believe that you are not particularly introverted or extraverted, you are in good company. Presumably, most people are mixed types who like and show both intro and extraverted behaviors.

A special group are the so-called ambivertes, that are people who figuratively lie exactly in the middle of the dimension. They “are both” and as a result they often appear attractive to other people, especially those who appear more loud or quiet.

Top books on the subject

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