“Assessment Center” is the Term for a test procedure that was used and expanded in the USA in particular and is now also becoming increasingly widespread in Germany. How can you successfully survive?

Assessment Center

To the history of the assessment center

The English expression conceals the fact that this examination procedure was originally developed in Germany under the name "Army Psychotechnology" and was used to select young officers.

In the 50s, the American discovered Economy this MethodTo Candidate to check their suitability. And since the 70s, the assessment center has been used more and more for personnel selection in Germany.

There are assessment centers for all target groups

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Assessment centers are useful in many areas, including human resources, where they are used to measure the Performance used by employees. They will be great at almost every Company on Welt offered, so the results are almost identical every time.

The process is particularly used in management, but is now also used for future trainees, especially when they work for banks and insurance companies apply.

What happens at the Assessment Center

At the assessment center, a Combination a selection of personnel was made based on various behavior and work samples. Process the applicants or participants in an AC procedure Tasks, which are intended to simulate the future management situation.

The behaviors and performance results that come into play are evaluated by so-called assessors (usually Executives from the company, but also psychologists) observed and evaluated.

The most important tests, tasks and exercises in this procedure are:

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The Examination Board

The implementation time of an AC is usually three to eight hours, in rare cases two whole days. Six to twelve participants work on between eight and twelve exercises. Since time Money more and more companies are using a kind of mini-AC for apprenticeship applicants, which only lasts one to three hours.

As already mentioned above, the assessors play an important role. These three to six observers represent the applicant selectors and the apprenticeship place providers, from whose decision depends on who gets hired.

In other words: They form the examination commission, which, like jurors in figure skating, give their assessments. Sometimes so-called moderators also appear, whose task it is to find the introductory or introductory words to the AC tasks, to control the organizational process and, if necessary, to make a little joke or two to loosen up the tense situation a little.

The following features and requirements are to be checked at the AC:

Some test tasks will help you to successfully pass an assessment center, but simply practicing tasks is not enough, since such a selection includes many other tasks.

It is important that you pay special attention to your Behavior Pay attention, as you will be observed very closely by the assessors during this selection process.

The 11 most important behavioral rules for the AC interview:

  1. Listen attentively, focused-turned towards.
  2. Keep appropriate eye contact.
  3. Watch closely (without eyeing).
  4. Think before you answer, take the time.
  5. Do not be afraid to ask.
  6. Better talk a little less than too much.
  7. Let your conversation partner talk.
  8. If you wait, you can also take a short break.
  9. Be more reserved than too offensive.
  10. Stay objective, calm, patient and relaxed.
  11. Last but not least: pay attention to your body language.

The best way to find a job

In summary, the assessment center is a very good way to get a good job. And that's how you should see it: Not as a single compulsory task, but as an excellent opportunity to learn something new, to experience something new and to develop yourself further.

But also as a good opportunity to compete with others and get the coveted job. If you have a positive Personality and a high level of Motivation then an assessment center is the perfect opportunity to show this too.

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