self-confidence, self-efficacy, the ability to reflect and personal responsibility are elementary components of learning. The learner experiences that he is responsible for his own actions check and can (positively) steer.

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Self-efficacy requires responsibility

The experience of being able to change and achieve something yourself is one thing for well-being People fundamental. Appropriate assumption of responsibility can thus be the target action sustained strengthen.

In learning coaching, the resources, successes, sense of achievement, progress, skills and Power of the learner.1 This leads to the learner gaining confidence in their own strengths and abilities. The learner should increasingly feel capable of acting and the things he has set himself Tasks experience as solvable.

Be responsible for your own actions

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On the whole, it can be said that learningcoaching promotes the empowerment of learners. It is essential that the learner develops an awareness that he is responsible for his actions and should be able to take responsibility for himself.

With learning coaching, the learner decides independently (albeit with the support of the learning coach) which Set he wants to achieve. A student told me the following at the end of the learning coaching positive Conclusion named: "Through the learning coaching I noticed what I can do!"

Scaling through praise and compliments

In the learning coaching practice, little ones become first steps of change targeted (e.g. through scaling questions) and evaluated as learning successes when they are achieved.

The learner is, for example, through praise and compliments strengthened. Finally, the goal setting and the development of solution strategies are carried out by the learner. The learner receives z. B. in the context of the mini-lecture theoretical Background about his Things to Learn and thereby become an expert on himself.

Reflect correctly - but how?

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Learning coaching also strengthens the learner's ability to reflect: learning coaching offers learners the opportunity to actively engage with their learning. In addition to the learning product, the focus is primarily on the reflection of the learning process. The learning process becomes more transparent and thus more aware of the learner.

In many cases, learners have a “certain aversion to writing, so there are written self-reflections, e.g. B. in learning diaries or in portfolio work sometimes “rather poor”.

Reflect with learning books

The Conversation in learning coaching offers the opportunity for dialogue, while in learning diaries only the Perspektive of the learner is presented.

In addition, many learners already have in writing their descriptions (e.g. in portfolio work) in the Headthat a teacher or their parents will take a look at.

Focus your own abilities

Through the reflection in the learning coaching the procedure, the behaviors and own abilities are brought into the focus and from different perspectives illuminated.

The learner can thus better understand his own actions, develop alternativeCourses of action and even include the view of the learning coach as an external perception.

Dealing with your own behavior

It is essential that a confrontation with one's own Behavior takes place, whereby the focus is also and especially on the strengths. Finally, consequences for future action are drawn from this: The sole observation of behavior has no consequences if reflection processes are not followed, which in turn trigger regulatory behavior.

In the practical learning coaching work, the learner should be encouraged to think. In a successful conversation, the learning coach Ask, to which there is no definite answer; rather, a thought process is initiated.

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