The most exciting business ideas often arise around well-known films - for example in Wellington, New Zealand in the sign of Lord of The Rings.


Lord of the Rings was shot here

While in Germany fiercely about copyrights and the Financing debated by authors, writer and historian Jane Tolerton in Wellington, New Zealand, financed it herself Hand: She opened a bed and breakfast, which secures her livelihood - to finally have more time to write.

When Jane bought 1999 house in 123 Pirie Street in the year XNUMX, there was a scene for the first part of Lord of the Rings behind the hobbits in the forest in front of the Black Rider.

In Jane's small library in the breakfast room, guests can read more about the original locations of the film trilogy in a book - and find that many a magical place in the cinema is in fact not that fantastic.

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This is so interesting because Lord of the Rings sparked my curiosity about New Zealand like no other film, even though I'm not a fan. And because Peter Jackson is currently filming “The Hobbit” in Wellington.

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And of course because Jane is a historian and author of several books and the name of her BundB program is: Booklovers is a place for good stories. And Jane has a very special relationship with her house, as she did under “The story” on your website writes:

“I liked the symmetricality of the house. My cousin used to flat across the road as a student and when I went to take him to the supermarket I used to stare at this house. The former owner, Thelma, was 94 when she sold it. It needed a lot of renovation as very little had been done - which was a mercy as the rooms had not been changed and spoiled. The original plans are dated 1894. Three identical houses were built side by side at the top of Pirie St. Ten years later, in 1904, the tram tunnel was put through to Hataitai. It is now a bus tunnel. ”

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From the journalist to the BundB operator

The story of Jane is exciting: She was a reporter, has won awards as a journalist, was among other producer on Radio New Zealand - and likes to write speeches. But she was fed up with constantly running after her schedule and wanted more rest and time to research and write.

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When she was renovating her house, she got the Ideato make it a BundB. The opening was in 2000. Today she prepares breakfast for her guests and then spends most of the day writing or organizing small cultural events.

Like a comic figure

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Occasionally, she employs someone to help her. About her two very different jobs she says:

“I hadn't thought of opening a BundB - but half way through renovating, I realized the house would have to make a living. Once I'd made the decision it seemed like something I'd been working up to all my life. Why would I have all that china and linen if I wasn't planning to open a BundB? 'BundB lady' sounds like a comic role, but for me it's a wonderful balance with writing. It would be difficult to hear better stories than those told at my own breakfast table or meet more interesting characters than the people sitting there. "

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She is writing on the sixth book

She has published five books - the biography Ettie Rout and four historical non-fiction books: the bestseller “Convent Girls”, “Sixties Chicks”, “In the Shadow of War: New Zealand WW1 veterans” and “It's time we started telling these stories”.

She is currently writing a book on New Zealand soldiers in World War I entitled “I thought it would be a great adventure” that will be published by Penguine Books. Her previous books are sold out, so she buys used copies to resell. This paradox shows where the dependence on publishers can take authors.

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Better than any office job

Jane is satisfiedbecause she does her own thing, even if she worries at times: "It's hard to find your niche and survive in it," she says, before admitting that there isn't one for her Alternatives gives: “I would in a Office want to work? Probably not!".


Peter Jackson's neighbor rents rooms in New Zealand

Elisabeth Schuitema, called Leisha, also has a special relationship with Lord of the Rings: Director Peter Jackson was your neighbor. Likewise, by the way, actor Michael J. Fox.

In 2004 she opened a bed and breakfast in New Zealand's capital Wellington by chance out of financial need. The name Homestay at Evans Bay is practically her success program, which you even have one Article in the New York Times.

Resourceful out of necessity

Leisha is a small, polite old lady with lots of stories to tell. Her house is neat and friendly, flowers on the table, floral wallpaper in the English countryStyle, silk pillows and duvets on the bed, tea and biscuits in the room and all extremely neat.

And Leisha is also happy to pick up her guests at the nearby airport: “I like doing extras for people,” says Leisha. Guests are designed to feel right at home in their home on Evans Bay feel – and the lovingly designed guest books on the tables in the room tell you that they do. "Just write in what you want, I can write it out later," she says to me with a lot Humour and wink.

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1956 with the ship emigrated

While Leisha seems like the perfect hostess, she got hers Job Actually, it was more of a coincidence: Originally, her life took a more traditional course. She came to New Zealand with her parents from the Netherlands when she was 18, that was in 1956. At that time, the long distance was still traveled by ship.

Viel Lust She didn't want to emigrate at the time, but her father, a merchant, made it so. Leisha is still holding today Contact to school friends on the other side of the Welt.

Her sons went to school with Peter Jackson

Her name Leisha is the English abbreviation of the Dutch name Lisje, the short version of Elizabeth. The Newfoundlanders could not pronounce Lisje properly, she says, they were always called Lisha - that's the reason she had anglicised her first name.

Instead of Uni to go, she worked as a model for a long time, married and had two sons, who went to school with Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, among others.

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Marks his own abilities

After a few strokes of fate, she ran into financial difficulties and in 2004 she almost had her house sell have to. Since she had traveled a lot, speaks several languages ​​and enjoys looking after others, she came up with the idea of ​​turning it into a BedundBreakfast instead.

She also found the name rather random: she called the bank to ask for hers customers to also enable credit card payment and was asked for the name of their BundB:

The founding spirit and modern communication media

She looked out the window, looked over Evans Bay and spontaneously said: Homestay at Evans Bay BundB. Her son gave her something for it Money, his friends sent the first guests over.

Although Elizabeth has a more traditional world view, she appreciates modern communication media. The Internet offers her the opportunity to communicate with friends and acquaintances all over the world. And her guests can even book with her via SMS while they are out and about.

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