Kurt Tucholsky was a journalist and writer in the 20s and 30s. And gave speakers plenty of advice along the way. But you have to Rede hold yourself? And how can you still remain visible?


12 Tips for Speakers by Kurt Tucholsky

Kurt Tucholsky is also known under his pseudonyms Kasper Hauser, Peter Panter, Theobald Tiger and Ignaz Wrobel as a sharp provocateur. He gave a speaker some of the following advice along the way - which unfortunately are still being heeded today:

  1. Never start with the beginning, but always three miles before the beginning! (“Ladies and gentlemen, before I come to the topic of this evening, let me briefly…”)
  2. Do not speak freely - that makes a troubled impression. It is best: you read your speech. That's for sure, reliable, and everyone will be pleased if the reading speaker looks up suspiciously after every fourth sentence, and if everyone is still there.
  3. Speak as you write. And I know how you write. Speak with long, long sentences, the subordinate clauses nicely nested ...
  4. Always start with the ancient Romans and always give the historical background of what you are talking about. This is not only German - all eyeglasses people do that. Always give him history, always give him.
  5. Do not worry if the waves coming from you into the audience come back too - these are Kinkerlitzchen. Say unconcerned about the effect, about the people, about the air in the hall. Always speak, my dear. God will reward you.
  6. From time to time, give the people a glass of water - you can see it.
  7. If you make a joke, laugh first, so you know where the punch line is.
  8. A speech is, how could it be different, a monologue. Because only one person speaks.
  9. A lot of statistics always makes a speech a lot. This is soothing, and since everyone is able to keep ten different numbers effortlessly, it is so much fun.
  10. Announce the end of your speech long before the listeners do not get a stroke.
  11. You do not just have to make a disposition, you also have to recite it - that spice up the speech.
  12. Never talk under an hour and a half, otherwise it will not be worth it.

Managers do not have to keep each speech by themselves

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The all-rounder from the stand was not born. Not every medical director of a clinic has to be able to explain the “7 steps to a healthy prostate” at an open day. Not every police director is prepared to present the security concept at a major event. And it doesn't suit every managing director or occasion, the future development in our Industry to develop. The reasons for this may lie in one of the following points:

Visible defies non-speech

This is then the field of speakers or colleagues of the Company from Business-Experts and/or business speakers. Nevertheless, the manager does not have to do without making himself attractively visible:

For example, he can open up the topic as a “teaser” and show his connection to it and, on the other hand, to the occasion, he can also score big points with the speaker and the audience afterwards in an individual interview or a talk.

In the profession

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But ultimately there would be one decision, whether one speaks oneself or uses someone else to do it, is particularly hardened if one could also bring the speech well over the stage. There are only two there ways.

  1. The entire professional image has to be revised, the training has to be extended urgently by the acquisition of speech competence. It is not enough to let results, concepts, etc., be carried forward in training. Also, a few insulated clues, which could be improved, do not lead to a closed toolbox. So you need knowing teachers. Then just young managers of the conviction through the good speech performance participate.
  2. However, if you already have some (more) professional experience, you should not be afraid to develop yourself step by step through a book, a personal coach, individual or group training or seminars. You should definitely make your own trip to the strange land of speech craft.

Because one is for sure: Everyone will definitely be better on this journey than they already are. - You can't promise that for everything. Promised.

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