Do you have to be a compensation and benefit expert to be able to read a salary range from job references? No, because with the necessary specialist knowledge you can even name an exact house number.

labor certificate-content

The qualified work certificate

A qualified work certificate is a document which provides both form and completeness according to the position and the date of employment of the employer, the employer, the activity and the way in which the service is provided.

The so-called soft skills or social skills are less meaningful in this context Competencies, which are negligible for salary determination, unless they are an essential part of the business model and generate a measurable value. This rating is solely the responsibility of the Company and his HR department.

5 characteristics provide information about the salary

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The trained HR-Eye should be able to read enough information for a salary range from a qualified job reference. Sometimes even a "concrete house number" can be named if the information contained is interpreted correctly.

Essential features for salary information are given when:

of the previous employer.

The role plays the professional experience

If there are several consecutive certificates, the professional experience can be consulted, which is the salary statement clear can be more accurate. Further valuable information can be found in a qualified testimonial if the reader has something to say about

betrayed. The hourly rate and a possible interruption to employment due to childcare or other care responsibilities also provide evidence.

Example of information on salary level in certificates

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Assuming, for example, a controller with an academic background in business administration, the result is according to the remuneration comparison has a starting salary of around 45.000 euros for the 25 to 30 age group.

After 10 years of professional experience, the average value is already around 65.000 Euro. If personnel responsibility is also added, six-figure salaries are also possible. Likewise, bonus payments or premiums can be attributed quite well, a 10-100.000 Euro-based 15 Eurocontrollers' XNUMX Percentage bonus includes a XNUMX Euro experience.

The size of the company and the region decide on the salary

The size of the company and region shows a strong influence on the amount of the salary. A 45-year-old graduate in controlling without personnel responsibility can earn an average of 56.000 euros in Berlin to earn. Munich, on the other hand, costs a whopping 78.400 euros. A difference of 22.400 euros per year is more than relevant, so that a position offered in Bavaria certainly has a different reference framework in terms of salary than the Berlin/Brandenburg region.

Companies up to 100 Employees offer the controllers with the mentioned professional experience an average of 58.000 euros, whereas a company with more than 1.000 employees already pays the job holder of the same age 81.000 euros annually for his work. Here, too, the certificate provides information that results from the information about the employer and, in the example given, even shows a difference of €23.000.

Systematizing salary data for applicants

From a personnel point of view, it can be very useful be able to extend the maintenance of the applicant master data to include the actual salary background. Creating one would be helpful checklist, which provides personalized salary metrics. For example, this could look like this:

Educationacademic degree
Study / trainingEconomics
work experience10 years
personal responsibility5 MA
Company size5500
IndustryBanks and insurance
salary125.000 €

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