The times when one Vocational Training for your whole life are long gone: Today you not only have to deal with the at the beginning of your professional career Career choice to deal with, but also to reorient oneself again and again later. 5 tips for Job Search and Further Training.

Career choice & application: 5 tips for job search & further education

Career choice - a topic for life

There may be several phases in life in which considerations about a career choice are made. Obviously, in this context, the last time in school should be mentioned.

But also in Study can such Ask definitely show up again. After all, there are quite a few courses that offer a variety of different career opportunities. And even later in life, it may well become necessary to think about a new job.

Checklist: Why do you have to change jobs?

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Not a few People After all, some of them still decide to reorient their careers even after decades in their job. There are a variety of reasons that may make a fresh start later necessary:

How do you find the right job? 5 tips

Whether it is the 16-year-old school graduate or the 45-year-old career switch; the key question always remains - how do you even find the right job? Here are 5 tried and tested approaches.

Tip 1: tap into strengths and weaknesses

First of all, the most obvious tip is to get yourself as much as possible Honestly even the questions about one's own strengths and weaknesses and align your career choice as precisely as possible with it. For example, who always Problems with getting up early should probably not aim for a career in baking. After all, that is an elementary part of this job.

In this case, one might be better Orientation in certain retail directions. Many Shops After all, they don’t open until 9 a.m. or later. On the other hand, if you like working with people, you probably won't be happy in a job in production in the long term, but should rather pursue a career in the social sector, for example Eye grasp. The key point is to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and to find out very precisely which job descriptions play into your own attributes.

Tip 2: visit trade fairs

In order to inspire those interested in a certain job description in general and of course also in a certain company in particular, there are all sorts of things to do at job fairs Company from every conceivable area. These companies often bring elements that are typical for the respective profession to the trade fair and/or present examples of activities that are already common on a small scale Everyday life belong to the profession. The provides an overview Calendar of trade fair by Best of HR -®.

On top of that they are standing Employees, who are responsible for the respective exhibition stand, patiently provide all kinds of information and accordingly provide valuable information about fields of activity, career opportunities and earning potential. Trial days and the like can be arranged on the spot to get an even more detailed picture. Trade fairs of this type are ideal for finding out about job profiles, making initial contacts and often even for discovering jobs that weren't even on the radar until now.

Tip 3: complete internships

Following on from the previous point, those who are still unsure about which professional direction they should take in the future can already agree on various internships within the framework of such a trade fair. In principle, one can appear in different companies with the desire for an internship. Preferably, of course, companies should be in as different as possible Industries chosen to ensure a small cross-section across multiple industries.

Such internships provide an unembellished insight into everyday life and the reality of a certain profession and are a source of information for the pure theory of various job descriptions in the field Internet clear preferable. on this one ways you can find out in an effective way whether the requirements of this profession or the corresponding branches can be reconciled with your own ideas, as well as your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Tip 4: Use the trade press

In the course of digitization, a whole host of new professions have emerged that one would not have thought of a few years ago. This development has still not come to a standstill, but continues unabated. Ultimately, new requirements and novel processes also require new training focuses.

In order to always stay up to date in the thicket of different professions, various specialist magazines are recommended. Digitization in particular is constantly presenting employers and training companies with new challenges.

Tip 5: Internet portals

In order to find out which profession is most suitable, taking into account your own ideas and strengths, it is also advisable to use the help of various Internet portals. In the world wide web there are a lot of useful pages on which you can use a kind of questionnaire to express your own wishes and needs be matched to the needs of many different professions.

The portal no is, for example, a good place to go to compare different educational offers (especially with regard to seriousness) and for tips on how to career change to obtain. Even the Federal Employment Agency offers on their Onlineportal offers a corresponding quick check.

Such pages can already provide information about where the journey could go by identifying professions that are particularly suitable according to personal circumstances. Such an assessment makes it much easier to sound out a career direction. Unnecessary efforts in unsuitable job profiles are nipped in the bud in this way.

Tip 6: Find the right training

The right qualification to have for the desired job is important. Appropriate further training, which should ideally be recognized by the state or at least relevant chambers and associations, helps here. Unfortunately, many designations for degrees are not protected by law, so researching the desired training can be very difficult.

This can be remedied, for example, by further training databases, further training consultants or even the book Find the perfect training, published by the publisher Best of HR –®.

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