If the Sunday is already spoiled by the fact that the thought of the job the next day affects the mood, it will Job to the burden. 4 steps help change this.

When the job becomes a burden: 4 change steps against job frustration

4 steps against job frustration and for happier and better work

The causes of job frustration are not necessarily to be found in the job, but often also in the environment, in the workload, in the management of the Company and last but not least, of course, in an ailing personal condition. Which ways there out of the dilemma?

1. Find the causes of dissatisfaction

The law of cause and Effect we all learned it at school and, like so much of our basic education, banished to some corner of the brain where it gathers dust. Now it's time this Deselect to reactivate and to identify causes and effects.

Now it is quite a serious admission to yourself to admit that the profession, which one once chose with enthusiasm, is more burdensome than it satisfies. It may be helpful not to do the analysis alone. Coaches or therapists help to direct the focus on the important issues and to find ways to get into a better state.

There are several areas of professional life to be highlighted. These should also be viewed and analyzed separately from one another.

  1. Job
  2. Activities
  3. Employer
  4. colleagues
  5. Workload
  6. Organization
  7. Health

2. Analyze the problem carefully

It is now necessary that Problem to analyze precisely. To illustrate this, an example: An industrial mechanic works in a precision turned parts company and operates a large system, programs the CNC machine and oversees production. He is dissatisfied with his day-to-day work. His analysis might look like this:

  1. Job - his work includes all normal professional fields, he may enjoy another area (conventional turning, etc.)
  2. Activities - is the dissatisfaction due to the monotony of the work, always the same tasks, are the activities too easy or too demanding?

The first two points are closely related and show whether the industrial mechanic would like to and can stay in his profession, or whether he is are interested in retraining and change jobs should.

  1. Employer - he does not like dealing with employees, is not valued, it is impersonal, he is poorly paid, the occupational safety is poor, the machines are broken, the working hours are unfavorable, etc.
  2. Colleagues - is the team difficult, is he bullied, does he feel that he is working for everyone, is rushed over colleagues, is spied on and told off etc.

These two points are also closely related. Dissatisfaction with employers and Team however, usually lead to one at first Job change in the same job and not necessarily to the fact that the job is immediately given up.

  1. Workload - If too much work is demanded in too short a time, or if the workplace becomes bored, there are extreme peak times and then again little to do
  2. Organization - are the shifts well laid, the positions optimally staffed, is there crisis management, how is communication with employees and bosses, are the work steps efficiently organized or everything seems cumbersome (long distances or multiple processing) etc.
  3. Health - standing for long periods of time causes problems, is it too loud, too stressful, the air and lighting in the workplace are difficult, etc.

These three aspects should also be considered together. suffers Health, you can of course look for other locations within the company, but health problems often lead to a desire to change jobs.

Tip: If health problems are the trigger for the stresses in the job, regardless of whether they are psychological or physical, they should always be resolved before there are actually momentous steps in professional life. The existing employment relationship can continue during the incapacity for work.

3. Change management: find a new job

There are career interest tests for professional reorientation. In the case of health restrictions, public health officers will usually suggest types of activity and organization of the working day, which should Choice of the new job profile should definitely be taken into account. If it is recommended to strive for changing activities that should include standing, walking, sitting without lifting heavy, a job as a parcel deliverer is not an option.

In addition to interests, must also the situation on the labor market be in focus. Are there any vacancies in your dream job or is there a threat of one? Vocational Training prolonged unemployment. The Orientation in bottleneck occupations is mostly encouraged by the better funding opportunities for further training, but in fact many also see it Peoplethat the nursing professions, for example, demand a lot from them, but also give them the feeling that they are doing something important and the right thing.

marriage the decision for a career change, whether with or without retraining, a potential analysis must be drawn up that shows which knowledge, interests and facilities are already available and should be used for the professional restart. With this knowledge, the tools of the employment agency or other career platforms offer good help in the search for job profiles.

4. Clarify the financing of further training

If the desire to change careers is advised by doctors, pension funds and other service providers are usually willing to pay for further training or retraining. Unfortunately, retraining courses are not the catalog goods that they like to be portrayed as and cost bearers decide whether educational measures ultimately have good prospects of success. Here, however, success does not mean that the applicants are satisfied as desired to qualify and to get them to work, but above all to get them to work and not have to pay benefits for years. However, in the Qualification Opportunities Act, the legislature has created many other instruments that can be used if retraining, advancement qualification or even a Study are to be promoted.

The Retraining has particularly good prospects for funding, because it has also been available as a dual training program for some time. This means that if there is an employer who certifies that interested parties are trained and then maybe even taken on, the clerks have few arguments to reject the applications. Under certain circumstances, before the approval of subsidies by the employment agency or pension fund, a kind of aptitude test must be taken, which is intended to show whether concentration and performance for intensive work Things to Learn sufficient and the educational measure successfully can be terminated.

Other ways of financing, especially if the stress is not based on health problems, would be distance learning courses that can be financed by paying in installments. If these are advancement training for your own profession, they can be funded with Aufstiegs Bafög or scholarship.

Conclusion: Job satisfaction is important for a good life

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The job costs a considerable part of our lifetime. It is therefore very important that it is specifically chosen and that it suits you so that your daily work does not become a burden.

Therefore, if there is great, persistent dissatisfaction, a change of occupation is not only absolutely advisable, but even necessary if it is a matter of maintaining your own health.

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