At a time when the pressure to perform and succeed seems to be constantly increasing, feel yourself more and more People overwhelmed and burned out in their work.


How does Burnout show up?

Those affected by burnout often feel listless or tired, lack drive and are emotionally indifferent. At the same time, they suffer from insomnia and can hardly concentrate. Some sufferers also have various physical symptoms such as Head– or stomach pain.

If you suspect that you too are heading for such a point, the following will help you Method help to recognize the warning signals more easily and to take effective countermeasures. You have it in the Hand!

When stress turns to burnout

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chronic Stress im Job, but also in privacy, the zest for life and the ability to perform sustained and lead to a burnout that requires treatment.

Essential characteristics of a burnout risk are the feeling of permanent emotional and physical exhaustion, declining performance and ability to concentrate, an increasingly indifferent and distant attitude towards work or towards other people.

Prevent, but correct!

Our self-test on the subject of burnout is aimed at people who notice that they have reached their limit.

The test takes into account the essential research findings on burnout and stress as well as mind-body medicine. The series shows you step by step the 3K plus 2E anti-stress formula, which consists of the following methods:

  1. Wise thinking,
  2. Concrete behavior,
  3. Physical activity,
  4. Relaxation,
  5. Nutrition.

How to influence your behavior

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All five aspects contribute to stress reduction and a healthy life balance. You are most likely to achieve an optimal result if you consider all five aspects. However, each aspect also helps on its own, more Quality of life to achieve.

Before humans can succeed, her Behavior and to steer it in a health-promoting direction, they have to make essential assumptions about themselves and their environment - so-called "beliefs" - constructive critically question and change.

This method is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their attitude towards life and work. The only requirement is the willingness to reflect on oneself and to abandon or change one's own stress-increasing behavior.

Self-test and exercise against burnout

First, check in a quick test to see if you are at risk of burnout.

Then reflect on it Solutions and forms your Set. After that you will learn how impeller turn them into permissions and focus on the positive. The exercise provides you with a variety of practical tips in the respective context on how to overcome obstacles or blockages in your Everyday life successfully overcome. You'll also get recommendations on how to deal with challenges encountered in the Implementation may occur.

1. Self-test: am I endangered?

This questionnaire, developed by Christina Maslach and Ayala Pines, gives you an initial indication of whether you are at risk of burnout. Print out the questionnaire to enter your values ​​directly into the corresponding column - or write it down on a separate sheet of paper.

On a scale of 1 - 7, evaluate how strong the statements are (1 = never, 2 = once or twice, 3 = rarely, 4 = sometimes, 5 = often, 6 = mostly, 7 = always).

Questions A::Numeric value 1 - 7:
Are you tired?
Do you feel depressed?
Do you feel physically exhausted?
Do you feel emotionally exhausted?
Do you feel settled?
Do you feel burned out?
Are you unhappy?
Do you feel satisfied?
Do you feel trapped?
Do you feel worthless?
Are you tired?
Are you worried?
Are you angry about others or disappointed by them?
Do you feel weak and helpless?
Do you feel hopeless?
Do you feel rejected?
Are you afraid?
Total A:Σ:
Questions B:Numeric value 1 - 7:
Have a good day?
Are you happy?
Do you feel optimistic?
Do you feel energetic?
Total B:Σ:


Form to that Ask A and B separately the respective sum (=Σ). Subtract the sum of questions B from the number 32. Add the sum of questions A to this value. Finally, divide the final sum by 21. Now you have your boredom value.

(As formula: (32 - Σ B + Σ A): 21 = Overblow value)

Your burnout risk depends on which of the following number ranges your weariness value belongs to:

2 - 3: They are fine.

3 - 4: There is probably a need for action. Speak openly Family and friends about your situation and look for practicable solutions together. If the stress is primarily work-related, discuss with your supervisor or, if necessary, the works council how you can be relieved.

5 - 7: Values ​​above five indicate a serious problem Crisis where you should seek professional help! The first possible contacts are the family doctor, the company doctor, the company psychologist, a psychologist who specializes in burnout or a Training.

Be Honestly, when they answer the questionnaire! You only harm yourself with exaggerations or understatements. If the number is three or more, or if you have the subjective feeling of being overwhelmed, you must become active and, if necessary, get external help!

You have mastered the first step when you have been able to honestly assess both your weariness and well-being. You should also speak to those involved or seek external help if you are at risk of burnout and can no longer find solutions to the issues that concern you.

Exercise: Finding solutions

This exercise is about self-reflection. You need time, quiet, lots of paper (large post-its or index cards, if you like) and several colored pens. Be sure to answer all questions in writing!

You use a card / sheet of paper for every stress-inducing aspect of your life - also called a stressor. Use additional sheets for ideas for solutions. Overwrite each sheet with the appropriate topic and leave the backs blank for a better overview.

What exactly does / exhausts you?

If you can't think of anything yourself, think of what your partner, friends or colleagues have with you light say critical undertone.

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