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Product for Women are often enough smiled at and viewed critically. Feminine hygiene, for example, is a huge market.

Specialization in packaging layout

Britta Wein poses with the Brand Lunapads in her Online-Shop a colorfully designed, ecological reusable variant of the sterile white disposable sanitary napkin. The brand builder combines her 15 years of expertise in layout printing for a beverage giant with her ecological awareness.

According to her Vocational Training Britta Wein switched to graphics to become a wholesale and foreign trade clerk and specialized in packaging layout. In 1998 she moved from the agency to the beverage giant Coca Cola. “Finally I was professionally on the way that I Fun made. Besides, there was a lot there recognition. "

Time out in New York

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At the end of 2000, however, her production area was outsourced and the layout specialist ended up with the newly commissioned agency. “When the door was slammed, I realized that nothing is forever. There is no such thing as “the job for life”. I had to keep going even though I didn't want to go back to the agency world. ”

In 2006 Britta Wein needed a break from the professional hamster wheel. She had lost her heart to the United States in adolescence. So she was drawn to New York for three months. “I lived in a shared apartment for the first time and just lived that way during the day.

According to the motto: "I only act on my stomach." It's great when you can listen to your gut feeling. I realized that I don't need all of this materialistic. ”

Business idea at the bus stop

This gut feeling was also the initial spark for independence. She happens to meet the Lunapads owner after a Bolgger event in Portland. ”She told me about her product and her“ Pads for Girls ”initiative, which supports women in Africa. That touched me very much ”.

Back in Germany, Britta Wein visited the homepage, tried out the product range herself and carried out market research. In December 2011, in Vancouver, she saw the production processes, costs and distribution formalities for herself. “After that was clear: I'll do it."

Founding time, turnaround time

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The Foundation of 2012 coincided with a significant cut. A back problem turned out to be the result of nitrosative stress. The entrepreneur was forced to fundamentally change her old life. "Until then, I had been working constantly, sleeping too little, hardly taking the time to eat and not doing much exercise."

A test for food intolerance finally forced a restart: “Things I had eaten every day suddenly had to be removed from the shopping list. I went to the supermarket, bought everything I was allowed to eat and found out that something can be made of it. ”

Digital nomadism in green

In the meantime, Britta Wein has changed her life, lives in a flat share again, follows her inner compass, separates from "legacy" from her "former life". Everything is allowed to stay sustained is: She cooks vegan and starts the day with green smoothies.

Yoga and running are part of the regular wellness program. She has also discovered meditation for herself and remains true to her love of travel. That's why she chose the onlineShop decided, because that works everywhere as long as there is an internet connection. All that is needed is a service provider who takes care of storage and distribution.

Live with oneself

While the Lunapad brand is still in its infancy in Germany, the entrepreneur is working on a green overall concept. She talks enthusiastically about New York.

The former Objective an inspiring break in 2006 is now the venue for a high-calibre writing workshop. There she wants the basis for her writing Projects create. Because she wants to put her lifestyle in writing soon. "Basically, it's about becoming rich inside and living in harmony with yourself."

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