On the way to Health the laws of nature show us the way: we must drink, otherwise we will die of thirst. We need oxygen so that our cells can do their job. The biorhythm is the universal organizing principle.

Biorhythm health & inner order: The 5 phases of change in the year

Life according to the inner order

Whether we are sick or not, feel good or not, depends on the extent to which we are in harmony with the biorhythm with the sections day or sleep / wake times, year and life. Everything that arises in one season, for example, whether illness or recovery, is dynamically linked to a certain phase of change.

If we lived according to this rhythm, our life and health would change for the better.

The 5 phases of change

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The phases of change are synonymous with those in the western world Welt commonly used Term of the elements. Both go back to the Chinese "Wu Xing", where "Wu" means five and "Xing" to move, to change. The whole thing therefore represents a dynamic process. The concept of elements, on the other hand, shows a more static picture, which does not do justice to the claim of "Wu Xing". Therefore, the phases of change are easier to understand when it comes to our – equally dynamic – health.

Paying attention to the phases of change is essential in daily life. In each of them, certain organs and organ systems show an optimal function and priority. As in nature, spring plays a crucial role. You can even say that according to the rhythm, the year does not start on January 1st, but at the end of February / beginning of March, at the beginning of spring.

Spring (ideally March 2nd - June 3rd): wood and detox time

In the wood age, the dynamic growth stage unfolds through the Education of leaves and branches. The wood age is characterized by the liver/bile system. on the People spring is characterized by two phases. The months of March and April are the time for detoxification and drainage. Nature tells us that before we can start again we need to let go.

Freed from what has to be excreted, the time of new beginnings and resuscitation follows from the end of April to May simultaneously with the awakening of nature. The body begins to fill up with the vital energy of spring and to build it up for the whole year. Enjoy the fresh green, consciously experience the awakening of nature. Listen to the birds chirping, fill your lungs with fresh air, and wake up your muscles by exercising outdoors. You can do a lot to strengthen your body with these recommendations for spring.

Summer (ideally June 21st - July 30th): fire and tax time

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In the fire season, nature experiences its highest existence in colour, form and bloom. The fire season is characterized by the cardiovascular meridian and the hormone system. In humans, too, the dynamic power of growth develops and unfolds, even explodes. It is the time when we Courage create and overcome borders.

The body's now fully developing ability to regulate flows seamlessly into Earth time, the time of enzymes, blood, metabolism and the nervous and immune systems. Avoid all blockagesthat act from the outside, such as e-smog, geopathy or unnecessary painkillers and sleeping pills. But we should also guard against overstimulation Stress protection. Take care of your psyche and reduce alcohol, coffee, black tea and highly stimulating spices to a minimum.

Late summer (ideally August 14th - September 23rd): Earth and metabolic time

In the earth time the fruits are set to bring abundance. Earth time is shaped by the stomach / spleen / pancreatic system. In relation to humans, everything concentrates on the distribution of energy and thus on the stabilization of the metabolism and the body's cells. The pancreas with its enzymes makes optimal use of the porridge and ensures the distribution of the food and the best possible use of the nutrients within the individual cells.

The strengthening of the metabolism stabilizes the immune system and the blood. The nervous system - and thus also the sensitive stomach - can fall back on these reserves, support and stabilize them. Just as the fruit ripens in late summer, our life energy is now also concentrated on the time of ripeness, both physically and mentally.

Autumn (ideally September 28th - November 30th): metal and mucous membrane time

In the metal age, the fruit ripens to ultimately become reality in the seed. The withered leaf dies with the Objective to mature. The metal age is characterized by the lung and colonSystem. For humans, it is the time when the mucous membranes need to be stabilized because they are dependent on the large intestine. Coupled with the lungs and the skin, they represent our demarcation from the outside world.

The strength of the mucous membrane causes a stability of our inner values, the reflection on oneself. It also stabilizes the immune system, supports our immunological starting ability and strengthens us for the winter, the time of the infections, but also the rest in our body.

Winter (optimal December 7th - February 19th): water time and time of body fluids

In the water age, the germs released into the soil are, through swelling and depolarization, with all their information and the maximum of the potential Energy released. There are shoots and roots. The water period is characterized by the kidney/bladder system. For us humans, winter is the time when everything slows down, when we can best focus on our yin energy, which is grounded in kidney chi.

Everything flows inwards to bring out new life force. It is the time of all (un) moving body fluids, including tissue and cell fluids, which are now regenerating. This is essential for us because we are over 70% water. It is the time of our psychic inner contemplation, when we let the experiences of the year flow into the new year.

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