Actually, it goes without saying that you behave well and be polite, especially at work. Of course you shouldn't put up with everything, but the old rule applies: if you are polite, you are clear at an advantage, especially when it comes to your career. 8 tips!


Where communication is, misunderstandings arise

Everyone has probably already experienced this: One stupid remark, one indiscreet question too many – and the other person is already there insulted. This is also and especially possible in everyday office life fast. Rudeness and misunderstandings often arise unintentionally:

A harmless comment like “Today I am real satisfied with my work” can give the colleague the feeling that one wants to show off. And a nice meant question like: "Well, do you think you can do this job or do you need help?" can give the impression that one wants the other criticize.

A careless comment is enough

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Good behavior and politeness are important factors in dealing with colleagues and bosses. That doesn't mean that you put up with anything, but in the way of Communication it depends.

Otherwise, you'll be faster than you would like to be in the next fat bowl - and the careless remark that was meant to be quite nice turns into a career killer.

People are different

Denn People think differently. Most people do not hear the factual question, but rather interpret what they hear depending on their emotional state or relationship with the speaker.

The friendly help offer, for example, is also misunderstood as patronizing, because the recipient already has the feeling that he does not get the thing in the grip and before the other do not want to stand stupid.

Unwanted rudeness as a career killer

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Even with very banal things like introducing people, saying goodbye or on the phone, it's easy to insult people without even realizing it. With sometimes serious consequences for the Job, Because the Executivethat you have unconsciously come too close,

As good forms of contact are increasingly in demand, unwanted insecurities can quickly become a career killer. We show what you should look out for. There are simple language rules that help to avoid misunderstandings.

8 Tips for Avoiding Fat Buds

  1. Not equal to Adults, which one does not know, one should always siezen. The senior or older person must offer the you. Otherwise wait for the first time, how the relationship develops.
  2. Is presented after Hierachie: When two people are presented to each other, the lower or younger is presented first.
  3. Beware of anglicisms: English can sound chic; too many anglicisms, especially when German equivalents are present, seem to be ridiculous.
  4. No questions about partner or child wish: Taboo are ask for partner or child wish. Because this theme has enough fuel to blow up any conversation, because quickly the other can feel offended - especially if you are not really interested, but only want to quench your sense of sensation.
  5. Avoid pet names: Pet names should only be used at home - even if your “sweetheart” works in the same company. It only looks embarrassing.
  6. Keep the rumor mill small: Do not set untrue rumors in Die Welt by speculating wildly about other people's behavior, such as: "Ms. Peters looks so sad - did something happen?" something like that quickly gets around and afterwards you are in the pillory.
  7. Do not specify: Anyone who constantly talks about himself, his career, his money, his house, etc., is quickly seen as a show-off. He quickly makes himself unpopular and makes himself ridiculous.
  8. Do not apply too thick: Courtesy is good, but not too much. Avoid stilted and unnatural sounding ways of expression.

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