We will increasingly get the opportunity to design our working time according to our biorhythm. The classic 9-to-5 job is already largely outdated anyway. This has pros and cons - depending on how you design the situation yourself.

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Blessing and curse at the same time

The Internet has increasingly taken possession of our work: we surf, email, chat. We use socialNetworking-Platforms for our social contacts. We blog and read blogs for our entertainment. And live out our fantasies in virtual worlds. In other words, the Internet is taking up ever larger parts of our private lives.

That can be nice. In this way, the Internet offers us the opportunity to find and maintain contact with distant people. It helps us find long-lost friends or connect with people anywhere in the world Welt exchange on a specific topic. And last but not least, it also allows us to do our work faster, better and more efficiently.

Self-determination on the advance

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The fact is: with a stronger one Orientation towards fully results-oriented work environments, more and more of us can decide when, how long at a time, with which breaks and from which location we want to work.

If the clearly recognizable trend towards the value “more” Family continues, this opportunity will not only be welcomed, it will be demanded. The market situation will favor and accelerate precisely this development. These can be found in production companies or in the healthcare sector ideas however, their systemic limits.

Pathetic situation, prison dilemma or approach?

But the Internet and digital work also entails Problems: On the one hand, the colorful web is also seductive, because studies from perception research prove: The human Brain is actually not made for the internet. Because we have to laboriously distinguish between what is virtual and what is not. The reason for this is that virtuality is perceived as real, because we also construct reality itself only from the perception of our senses.

And that is exactly why the Internet can also become dangerous - namely when we can no longer differentiate between reality and the virtual world. If us eMail-Contacts and chat partners suddenly become more important than real friends and we leave less often because we prefer to sit in front of the computer. Or if we'd rather be in Second Life act because everything there seems better, more beautiful and simpler than the complex, difficult and sometimes ugly reality. In other words: if we make ourselves really comfortable with the computer.

Your own workforce as a brand

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When everyone involved recognizes their situation, but to none change or adjustment are willing and able, we have stasis. If those involved recognize the opportunities of this development, the potential arises for something that one could with a clear conscience call a win-win situation.

On the one hand, namely that of the employer or client, the priority is to break down prejudices against freelancers of all kinds. Starting with the frequently heard argument that freelancers are too bad for a permanent position through to unreflected cost arguments . On the labor supply side, it is particularly that Marketing in one's own interest and for one's own person. One's own person becomes Brand.

For the providers of labor, this means: 3 requirements

In this way, the Internet also places a number of demands on individuals. Basically there are 3 points that are necessary:

1. Willingness and ability to change

One thing can not be done without the other. In principle, there are hardly any explanatory words. Anyone who is not willing and able to change his / her situation, his / her activity, if necessary, his / her place of work and work, to constantly learn and to re-invent himself and reinvent himself regularly will not be able to recognize the opportunities , Point.

2. Self-motivation and frustration tolerance

Motivation can never sustained come from outside. Those who are able to motivate themselves and to successfully process setbacks from the necessary trial-and-error processes or the times without a fee while learning have the best prerequisites in every respect - professionally as well as personally Everyday life. The long-term view must clearly come before the quick and short-term Success to stand.

3. Confidence and perseverance

self-confidence is also and especially noticeable in the pricing. Lowering prices just to win the bid only helps in the short term. Quality still has its price.

Anyone who sets the downward price spiral in motion will probably at some point Money have to bring if he wants to have an order. At the same time, the customer becomes skeptical as to whether he can expect any appreciable quality at all for this price.

The solution to the problem: face the curse

So what to do Turn off the computer, just go out, just live and work where you are? Certainly better than getting tangled up in the vastness of the internet. But to limit yourself to the local conditions and only be satisfied with what is available on site is a real step backwards, highly conservative and convenient. At a time when we have to be constantly mobile and flexible due to work, it would be sheer stupidity not to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet.

Because no other medium offers us the opportunity to make contacts and close interpersonal relationships even over a larger Distance and to work together productively. After all, that is the real opportunity that the Internet offers us: We no longer have to limit ourselves to the circumstances of our workplace and our place of residence, but have practically the whole world at our disposal.

Use progress for a better working life

Real progress, then, because you can only use it if you dovetail the internet with real life: In fact, for example, contacts on the internet cannot be a substitute for People to meet in reality.

But they can be the springboard to visit other people, network with them and start joint projects - no problem in the age of low-cost airlines, carpooling centers and saver fares on the railways. The internet can be the springboard for sharing creative ideas and collaborating with other people around the world. Provided, of course, that you don't make yourself comfortable in front of the computer.

Staff is scarce and is wanted

The labor market becomes an offerer's market, and this is the market for labor supply providers. Expert deficit is one of the key words. At the same time, more and more people want to work independently and realize themselves in the job and in private. How does that fit together?

For Company it's getting harder and harder good Employees - be it to replace turnover or to ensure expansion - and hire them. Either because they do not exist at all or because they do exist but cannot be "accessed" by companies.

Candidates change - and their needs

Why is that? On the one hand, this results from the fact that more and more people are retiring from working life for reasons of age. On the other hand, only a limited number of qualified young people are coming back onto the market. In other words: the age pyramid hits with full force. And: People who have a supposedly safe firm Workplace tend to hold onto him.

Good people who cannot develop in a company will look for the environment in which they can work according to their needs. If that doesn't work in a traditional company, they set up their own. Other qualified employees are no longer available because they have realized themselves and got out of the hamster wheel.

Is the “classic” worker dying out?

In the United States, it is already common practice to do several jobs. On the one hand to ensure their own survival and that of the family and on the other hand to be able to afford a “better standard”. This multijobbing is probably done out of necessity; a reactive development.

The active trend and the other side of the coin is: We pursue several jobs because we are people with different needs and inclinations and don't just want to be “on the move” as specialists in one area.

The career - no longer life-determining

These needs also include the family. For example, if both partners prefer joint and temporally alternating child rearing to full-time childcare support.

Or simply the need to realize oneself or to engage oneself socially - the career in the classical sense is then no longer life-determining. Whether it is several part-time part-time jobs or a permanent job and one or more freelance activities is not important.

Sources of income away from the established market

Incidentally, the Internet offers a huge number of opportunities to achieve some considerable (secondary) income with clever business models. Be it through the sale of specially created products, the publication of articles or the offer of mini-services. New products and labor markets emerge. However, this should only be mentioned in passing.

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