body language has more influence on our competent Effect than many would like. And in the struggle for power, unfortunately, men and women play by different ones Regulate.

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Men make career, women family?

Women still have a hard time in the male world we live in. men do Career, women make in Family, says an evil saying. A look at the statistics confirms this statement.

  1. Women do not even take 5 percent of the top positions in the economy.
  2. When three women and one man apply for a job, in many cases, paradoxically, the man is taken.
  3. With equal qualification of applicants, the man is preferably promoted.
  4. In meetings, men's suggestions are heard and followed more often.
  5. When there are debates in the team, one usually agrees on a suggestion from a colleague.
  6. If a man and a woman do the same, the man gets more recognition (and salary) for it.

A question of confidence

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Because women are worse ideas have, afford less? No, mostly on the contrary. Why then? One of the most common answers to this question: "Because men are pigs." It may be - but what does the man say to that?

If you ask HR managers and heads of departments why they hired or promoted the man and not the woman, made them key account managers or project managers, the answer is strikingly often: “Ms. Müller is undoubtedly very professional. But this job (order, Projects, customers…) I just don't trust her.” Why on earth not? Let's do that Eyes .

The woman as a secretary

Imagine two colleagues at the job interview forward, one resolute and legs apart, the other shy and withdrawn. Now listen to your gut. What does he say? Now imagine you are the chief buyer of a mechanical engineeringCompany and must select your account manager for the construction of a special system. Listen to your gut. Which of the two? Candidates does he choose? The answer is clear. Some seminar participants also answer the question: "Of course the man - and not his secretary!"

Incidentally, this happens all the time in practice: the woman is automatically regarded as the man's secretary, assistant or employee, even if she is equal or even superior! This is not because, as is often assumed, that our Society still not used to the fact that a woman is superior to the man who accompanies her. That's because of something completely different: It's not a hidden female urge to masochism to blame, but the Tootsie effect.

Women work differently

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Women act different from men because they act differently than men. Cinema hits like "Some Like It Hot", "A Cage Full of Fools", "Victor-Victoria", "Charly's Tante", "Tootsie" or "Mrs. Doubtfire, the prickly nanny" eviscerate this difference vigorously.

In the movie it looks funny when Dustin Hoffman throws both hands up, rolls his eyes and with high voice screeches, "You old lecher!" What's so funny about that? Obviously the female body language. Of course, this language is grossly exaggerated in the film. But what's funny in the movies is just plain discriminatory in real life.

Women are discriminated against because of their body language

Women are not discriminated against because they are women, but mainly because they speak a different body language. That it is not gender but body language that is to blame, we are amazed to see that even men are discriminated against as and when they adapt female body language. A prime example for those who can still remember is Stan Laurel from "Dick and Doof". He played the doof.

Why stupid? Because his complete body language repertoire was borrowed from female body language. The fat man was much stupider, fell more often, and often got a punch on his nose - but he seemed much more competent, intelligent and strong. Because he spoke a different body language. Just typical man: Falls more often on the nose, but comes on better!

A certificate of approval for our society

Women are discriminated against because they speak the "wrong" body language Of course that's unfair. Of course, it is an indictment of any society that it Expertise one People measured by how high he speaks, how he folds his arms or how tightly he wraps his legs around the legs of a chair when sitting. If a society is so narrow-minded as to fall for such superficial signals, then it can no longer be helped with the best will in the world – regardless of the Pisa study or all-day school.

But as long as you live in this society, you only have one Choice: You accept the stupid rules of the game and win the game – or you don't play. But by now you know all too well what comes of it. That's why you're holding this book in your hands. Because you no longer want to be on the sidelines. Because you want to shake off the tootsie effect. Let's shake!

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