Massage, swimming pool, sauna: Everywhere lurks unpleasant situations. On vacation, but also if, for example, with colleagues in a conference hotel. But with the ten tips for spa etiquette, you will not need to embarrass yourself next time.


Why do we need a spa etiquette?

After one Lecture or seminar or on a grey, rainy weekend like the ones we are having in Germany at the moment, immerse yourself in a comfortably warm wellness oasis and relax for a few hours Everyday life to leave it out - that's just wonderfully relaxing.

But such a visit to the spa also throws up a lot Ask to:

10 Knigge Tips for Spa and Sauna

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With the next ten Knigge-Tips for the wellness temple you can't go wrong.

  1. Spa treatments: Show 15 minutes before an application in the spa area. Before you go into the hands of a therapist, please take a shower. You can also before a massage in the sauna, which warms the muscles. Avoid physical activity after treatment.
  2. In the right outfit appear: Basically, apply what appears most convenient to you. You can go to the spa area in the bathrobe or go to the spa. Under the bathrobe, women wear bra and briefs, men also have a slip or swimwear. Depending on the treatment, one-way underwear is also provided and these briefs should be worn during treatments. During the treatment, parts of the body which are not being treated are covered with a towel. This ensures privacy and the body does not lose heat too quickly. If you want to trim yourself in the fitness area, you will find in training clothes, t-shirt, shorts and sneakers.
  3. Tipping: For most wellness treatments the tip is not included in the price. If you are satisfied, you will be charged five to ten percent on the bill or leave a tip at the front desk. The tip directly to hand over is rather unusual.
  4. Food and drink: The spa is not a picnic area. Choco and Co. stay at home, for the small appetite in between, the spa staff is happy to nibbles or fruit available. For the big hunger, it's off to the catering area.
  5. It's getting hot: The following items of clothing should be worn in the sauna area: bathrobe, swimwear and bathing shoes. The saunas themselves are considered to be “naked areas” - always lay or sit on a towel in the sauna area.
  6. Sauna businesslike: Due to international guests the swimwear can be started in the sauna or in the steam bath. Do not forget: After the sauna off in the shower!
  7. Make up: In the sauna or the steam bath makeup is out of place. Go unperfumed to the spa, so that your perfume does not overlay aromatherapy.
  8. Beauty care for men: Men should shave a few hours before a facial treatment to achieve optimal results.
  9. Without a mobile: Leave your cell phone in the room / cloakroom to enjoy your spa stay. If you take it with you, you should set it to silent.
  10. Man or woman? If you prefer to be treated by a woman or a man, enter the appointment agreement (if you are not asked for it anyway).

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