Business travelers who fly frequently often have to deal with flight cancellations, delays and long waiting times. However, claims for damages are often possible.

Air passenger rights on business trips: Your right to compensation for delayed & canceled flights

Failures on business trips: Don't just accept them

Become Shop-If travelers are let down by their airline on the way to important appointments, this usually has far-reaching consequences. Whether it's hours of waiting at the airport or in a stationary plane on the runway, endless boarding delays or the growing uncertainty due to the lack of Communication on site – delays, cancellations and airport chaos are never a walk in the park. For those affected customers such incidents are always a disaster.

But travelers don't have to just accept that. Fortunately, passengers have comprehensive rights in the event of a flight cancellation. In many cases, when a flight is cancelled, passengers are entitled to compensation for the inconvenience caused or a refund of the cost of the ticket for the canceled flight, as well as airport amenities.

Correct claims for damages

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Nevertheless, many travelers still do not know that they can claim compensation at all if they arrive late through no fault of their own or if their trip is canceled completely. It is important to know what type of compensation you are entitled to before you can even make a claim.

Legal service providers can help with this further: They offer free information and advice and enforce the claims of the passengers against the airlines. To do this, they bundle compensation claims and pass them on to experienced and specialized lawyers for travel law. Customers do not have to pay in advance: As a rule, the service providers assume all legal fees and any court costs and do not charge any processing fees, but a purely success-based fee for the compensation payment actually made.

Why claim compensation at all?

There are a number of reasons for claims for damages. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to compensation from the airline. If you are canceled from a flight, you are entitled to compensation. And if your luggage is lost or damaged, you're entitled to a refund from the airline. Knowing your rights as an air passenger can help you get the compensation you deserve when your travel plans are thwarted.

In Germany in particular there are numerous labor disputes - from warning strikes at individual airports to nationwide strikes by entire airlines. But even in popular holiday countries such as France, Italy and Greece, air traffic controllers or pilots repeatedly walk out of work, with airports or even the entire airspace being closed. In addition, there are absences due to illness and a lack of handling staff, for example in security, which can result in passengers not even catching their planned flight.

Another common one Problem is that airlines are constantly overbooking their flights. They do this because they know that some passengers will cancel their flights or not show up. While this is frustrating, it's important to know your rights as a passenger if you're ever struck by an overbooked flight.

What is the legal situation in the case of flight cancellations and the like?

After EU Air Passenger Directive. Airlines operating flights between EU countries are obliged to compensate passengers in the event of delays and cancellations. What does that mean in detail?

Airline must be in the EU

The airline must be based in the EU, the cancellation must be no more than 3 years old and the compensation must be requested within XNUMX months of the date of travel.

In addition, the airline must be responsible for the cancellation, the passenger must have checked in on time for the flight, and the flight must either depart from or land in the EU.

In the case of delays, the number of hours also matters

Airlines are required by law to offer meals and drinks to any passenger who is delayed by three hours or more, unless the passengers do not show up on time. You are also required to provide accommodation if passengers cannot be rebooked on a suitable flight within 24 hours.

Passengers should be compensated by airlines for delays of more than 8 hours, as well as for cancellations. However, if a passenger caused the delay themselves, the airline is not legally obliged to compensate, but it can decideto voluntarily compensate the passenger.

When are extraordinary circumstances present?

If the flight is canceled due to extraordinary circumstances circumstances was caused, e.g. by the direct consequences of the corona pandemic, there is no compensation. Extraordinary circumstances also include strikes by air traffic control or airport staff, storms, airport and airspace closures, border closures or natural disasters.

However, passengers are entitled to a refund of the ticket price. In the event that a flight is cancelled, the airline must provide evidence of exceptional circumstances.

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