The negotiation went bad - and now? How can you turn things around in negotiations when you've actually lost? Time for 10 tips on how to do this in practice:


Negotiation success: what counts is the right strategy

Who doesn't know it: trade is going well, the talks are harmonious. But at some point it's time to get to the point, because there's just nothing left to do negotiate gives? We all know this situation. And we all have a different approach.

Anyone who has ever negotiated knows that the Art of negotiation does not require a high level of expertise. It's more about the right one Strategy. When it comes to getting things right and not getting lost, you can apply real negotiation tactics to complex situations. Find out how to use these tactics and even learn valuable "secret weapons".

When negotiating partners become opponents

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The fact is, many negotiations go badly. To be competitive today also means that the Companys fight ruthlessly for every penny. In this way, negotiating partners often become increasingly negotiating opponents. Also in your own Family, a situation that everyone knows, can make a once so nice memory of the relaxed holiday season fast fade - and a dream vacation quickly turns into a horror trip.

There are more and more court rulings that represent a compromise between two incompatible positions. But how can we reach a compromise if it is simply not an advantage for either side?

Negotiating with success: the common basis must be right

You notice that it is not a good starting point from which to proceed with the negotiation. Or transferred to our family vacation theme: It is not even the basis for a common holiday Objective of the trip to be determined if you annually before the Problem whether you are driving by the sea or in the mountains.

Have you ever wondered whether it is better to negotiate uncompromisingly or willing to compromise? The fact is: It doesn't really matter, because the goal as a successful negotiator should always be to find common ground with your negotiating partners.

Don't let yourself be pressured

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In fact, there are still those decisive negotiating partners and customerswho are not afraid to introduce their counterparts to hidden ones Tricks zu outsmart. True to the motto: "Negotiate without compromise - you want a better offer? do-it-yourself!” Survival of the fittest applies here. This law of nature now also applies to them Economy.

There is only one thing that can help as a reaction: Never negotiate under pressure. Or could you imagine bargaining for such a large discount on a sale that you no longer even need to pay the retail price of the product from your Turnover have to deduct? Even. A healthy common ground is always an advantage!

10 tips for better negotiation

But how do you do it better? Negotiating has always been a separate entity within the Communication. But times change. Today, negotiation is no longer to be seen as another variant of conveying information, but rather an independent and central communication discipline. We have put together 10 tips for you here - so that you always know how to cleverly come to an agreement.

  1. Never give up while the ball is still in the game. If there is only a breath of opportunity, and if it is so small, use it.
  2. Go up the hierarchy: Who can help you? Who do you know? If you do not know anyone: Who do you know who knows someone?
  3. Analyze the personality of the TOP decision maker. How the one ticks. What are the values? What do you know about his motifs?
  4. Be sure to address the factual level AND the relationship level.
  5. Simulate your communication. Give documents to someone who knows the addressee, who knows how he ticks. During conversations, prepare yourself thoroughly and simulate this (several times) with people who are similar to their interlocutor or who can feel well.
  6. Go confidently and on equal terms in conversations and negotiations. Nobody likes to negotiate with petitioners.
  7. If you are unsure or operateblind, get external help.
  8. Go with clear goals in negotiations. Write letters with a clear goal. The recipient must know what to do next, how to proceed.
  9. Make concessions that you can offer to the other side. It is about everyone who can keep his face. Through his action, the buyer did not reach his main goal, but his company, by means of a few conversations, a few hundred thousand euros additionally brought to the cash register.
  10. Re-summarize the results of the negotiations in writing and send a confirmation of the agreement as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Only no lazy compromises

You have probably heard of the myth of compromise. When you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your life, you think that you must either accept something undesirable or sacrifice something that is important to you.

That's just nonsense. Because the result of such compromise-oriented negotiations is usually that the partners are willing to make sacrifices Solutions, which are not really good for either party. You know this under the name of compromise. But that's just the last name, the compromise also has a first name: Lazy. So the whole name is: Lazy Compromise.

This is exactly what you should do without. This is exactly what you should look for in the end when negotiating. Remain true to yourself and think carefully about which negotiation outcome you can live with - and which not. And then they don't even make lazy compromises. Because they are not worth all the effort of the negotiation.

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