Crowdfunding is something that gets a lot of talk when it comes to the Financing of small, creative and independent ideas. But not all projects are successful: How did you do it? A field report.

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Crowdfunding: no self-runner

Anyone who thinks for a successful crowdfundingSALE you only need to create a page on a crowdfunding platform, you are wrong: there is much more to it than that. After all, crowdfunding is far from over when the site is set up and a video is shot. The campaign is not a sure-fire success.

Very important for him Success is the vision behind it: Ours was a Cornwall guide like him Welt hasn't seen yet - just jung, fresh, crisp. The Idea this came to us on a graduation trip when we ended up in Cornwall more by chance.

From the vision of crowdfunding to the finished travel book

The books on the subject (advertising)

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The rugged coastline, the robust surfers and the fantastic food enchanted both of them. Became fast clear: "We have to tell all Austrians, Germans and Swiss." And what better way to do that than in book form?

We wanted to collect the fixed costs for printing and design via the crowdfunding platform Startnext and sponsors. There we activated a total of 2012 “sponsors” in the fall of 135, the books, eBooks and t-shirts made from organic cotton. With this Money was then clear: The printing could be financed this year.

Consciously focused on social media

In the 8 weeks that represented the hot phase of crowdfunding last year, we were in constant Contact with bloggers and journalists. So we made it at least in about 25 Online-, print and radio media such as Just Travelous, Woman Magazin or Radio Ö3.

At our Communication we deliberately did not concentrate on the 'classic media' and disseminated a lot via social media channels. It was clear to us that our target group via Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr is available.

Successful through networking

Discounts for your success (advertising)!

In addition, it was necessary to raise additional sponsors in Cornwall. The tourism businesses in England were a bit stingy. Fortunately, Cornish Mining, South West Coast Path, Hostelbookers and Newquay Airport jumped on the Eat Surf Live Boat, so that in the end, our baby book Eat Surf Live saw the light of the book world - lovingly designed by Verena and Christina Michelitsch and Georg Liebergesell.

It probably helped that we have been in the service of Nomad Earth - the online magazine for sustainable travel - for a long time and thus already had a corresponding network. And that Katharina's father owned a print shop where we could have the book printed cheaply on site.

Travel book with ecological background

The travel book Eat Surf Live also appeared with an ecological background. We also focused the tips in the book itself on a sustainable, thoughtful lifestyle as you explore the coasts of Cornwall.

The book concept is also different. Instead of staying with historical lists, we would rather tell the stories about life and the people in Cornwall. The ecological aspect always plays a role. Points such as naturalness, fairness to the inhabitants, cultural curiosity, a sense of discovery and gentle tourism are among the cornerstones of Eat Surf Live.

Top books on the subject

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