You won't get very far with old organizational structures because they can't keep up with the pace of the digital economy. This is where the orbit model comes in. It propagates the transition from pyramidal to circular Organization. “This is how the company model sees itself Future out,” says the business magazine Capital.

The orbit model by Anne M. Schüller and Alex T. Steffen

Classic top-down formations will have no chance in the future

The rules of our game Working world emerged in the era of industrialization. That's where they belonged and they did a good job. Because that's what it was about back then Taxes and stabilize. In the digital economy of today and tomorrow, on the other hand, high speed, the ability to adapt and constant innovation are required. But this cannot be achieved in a dig-shaped, silo-based organizational environment.

In the “white water” of an increasingly unpredictable future Companys after old Pattern not survive. And with a bit of agility, you can only cure symptoms. Better to go to the root of the problem and take care of the overall constitution. Classic top-down formations don't stand a chance against the lively network organisms of young companies.

It is becoming clear almost everywhere in the companyWork-Playgrounds released. But most of it happens only occasionally. In addition, the procedure is usually limited to the employee side, the workplace design and new work tools. However, nothing will change in the basic organizational structures. The Guide itself is still arranged hierarchically. That's how it stays Effect overall low.

9 action fields that companies need to play

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For the "Next Economy", in which human and artificial intelligences connect, a "Next Organization" is needed. It is not only characterized by a high degree of digitization and a culture of constant change, but also by collaboration and value networks. For this purpose we developed the orbit model.

It propagates the transition from a pyramidal to a circular, ever-evolving dynamic organization. It enables the rapid transition to a company that can adapt adaptively and anticipatively to the needs of our high-speed future. His nine action fields are these:

  1. the action field Purpose
  2. the action field customer
  3. the field of action of the customer-focused bridge builder
  4. the field of action of the employees
  5. the field of action of the employee-focused bridge builders
  6. the field of action of the executives
  7. the field of action of the partner organizations
  8. the field of action of the recommenders and influencers as bridge builders
  9. the field of action of the management

These nine fields of action encompass all essential aspects of organizational development for today and tomorrow. They are described in detail in “The Orbit Organization”.

For which companies is the orbit model suitable? 5 types at a glance

To tackle the departure in concrete terms, four situations are conceivable:

  1. You are a smaller or medium sized company that has been operating in the market for a long time: Perfect! For SMEs, much of what is possible in the orbit model can be implemented very quickly. Make a fundamental decision! Break with your old organizational model and the old mindsets behind it. Start with a new thinking and a new action. But do not copy. Do your own thing.
  2. You are a big company: Start something new at the edge of your organization! Set up the first units there, which not only look for disruptive innovations, but also play according to new organizational rules. Above all, resist the attempt to draw a classical organizational chart first. But people need to know where they are "hung up" (!) And to whom they report? You do not get anything from suspended employees!
  3. You are a group: In principle, the same applies here as under point two. Be aware: constant reporting just stops doing the best for the customers. For this to happen, non-hierarchical work is essential. So crowd the people around the customers in a circle. In a circle, there is no top and bottom.
  4. You are a manager or employee in an established organization and do not believe that the big change will take place there: Do not wait! Change begins with every single brave person who attacks them. Those who do not show courage to change themselves can not take away the fear of something new. So start low-threshold. Search specifically for quick wins, that is, fast successes that encounter no resistance and can be implemented with little effort. Then make sure that the happy customer in the company spreads to the last corner. Soon you will find fellow combatants who want to do it the way you do and no longer the way they used to.
  5. You are a young company that wants to grow up and / or want to partner with traditional organizations: Start right from the beginning! And not only with a scalable business model, but also with the matching orgastructure. It also helps you understand why traditional organizations act the way they do. It also helps you understand what you might need to do to make fruitful collaboration a reality.

4 Essential expertise to make the implementation work

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In a dynamic System an organization is constantly renewing itself. Adaptability becomes a permanent task. Because permanent provisionality is the new norm. In times of transformation, the experimental mode is always “on”. Progress cannot be stopped from progressing. And his pace is high. The most important qualities of an organization and its Employees are therefore these:

  1. digital expertise,
  2. emotional intelligence,
  3. Acceleration force and
  4. Adaptation skills.

Check whether your company is already set up accordingly. And if not, get an expert Consulting!

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