An application photo is the first impression that a HR of a Candidate receives. A lot is done wrong here – especially by women. 6 tips on how to do it better.

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Women are underrepresented in many cases

Emancipation has made progress - and yet women and girls are still underrepresented in many areas of society.

At the same Performance to earn women in the same field clear less than their male counterparts. Especially in the Working world will leading position still occupied mostly by men.

Are women thinking too much about clichés?

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It is undeniable: women still have at the Application for higher positions worse cards than men.

What is the reason? Not always in the conservative image of women. A male conspiracy against women's emancipation is not always behind.

6 Tips for the best application photo

Rather, it is the women themselves who express themselves in their Appear oriented too much towards gender-specific role stereotypes. And "Debt” are sometimes just bad application photos. 6 tips on how to do it better:

  1. Keep in mind: When photographers tell of application shoots with women, the same movie always takes place: The candidates want to look attractive and friendly at all costs. Also at the price of their own self-esteem. Because quickly the wrong signals are sent out. With lowered head and a submissive look from below, with open hair, big eyes and a gentle smile, women hope to capture the attention of the staff and finally the coveted job.
  2. Not too modest: You can influence your own charisma as well as the perception of the counterpart. We do this every day, but rarely conscious. Instead, we use unconscious strategies to achieve our goals - in a professional as well as in a private or corporate life. Unfortunately women of these possibilities often make a wrong use, with which they harm themselves. In the plain text: If women are to put themselves on the scene, they slip almost automatically into the familiar behavior patterns. In false modesty and self-esteem, they slip into the role of naive, incompetent woman and hope to awaken sympathy.
  3. Competence matters: The job allocation is still about competence. But it is mediated by another body language. The woman shows herself confidently and competently - and quite by the way, quasi-naturally, also sympathetically. Scientific studies have shown that feminine attractiveness is by no means an advantage in occupations where perseverance, perseverance and logical thinking are in demand.
  4. A little more masculine: For scientific research has shown: masculinity is trump. Indeed, a study by the University of Colorado has even mentioned the discrimination of beautiful women when applying in traditional men's professions. This study also shows that handsome men are preferred in all professional fields. 2003 drew the diploma sociologist Anke von Rennenkampff in her doctoral thesis to the importance of slaughter-typical attributes in the application.
  5. Pay attention to the subconscious: Many people unconsciously orient themselves to gender stereotypes. According to this, men are not always preferred, but applicants with male attributes, so that women with rather masculine facial expressions have greater chances of the job than their more feminine competitors. Most decision-makers were convinced, however, that their decision was independent of gender cliques, but they were very unconscious.
  6. Self-broadcast: A self-assured atmosphere can be produced. Of course, that does not mean that woman is best looking for a leadership position or a typical male career as a man. But on the contrary. But with a little make-up, a discreet smile and a withdrawn hair as well as a serious and high-profile outfit, a very impressive picture of the woman can be designed. And, of course, the pose is important: self-confident, upright, with a raised head and a direct view into the camera - a picture at eye level.

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