Money is not everything. But too little can be frustrating. Fair pay and appreciation go Hand in hand, and it is often not so much the objective amount that matters, but rather the subjective perception. Dr. Job has examined the topic of salary for you.


How an exchange arises

The principle "I have a skin for you, do you have a bag of potatoes for it?" is a bit older now. But it still works: The exchange of more primitive belongings developed a powerful momentum over the centuries.

Customers found special skills in certain areas, equipped without this knowledge, but with possessions that the respective “specialist” needed. To put it more succinctly: trade arose.

Only 21% are satisfied with your salary

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Today, of course, things are a bit different: in most cases, the equation is: Performance against wages. has just conducted a user survey on the topic “How satisfied are you with your pay?” published and the results suggest that there is a need in Germany to take a closer look at this topic. Because of 1.272 participants, only 21 percent rated their payment as "satisfied", even only 5 percent with "very satisfied".

Dr. Job has put together a few things to help you get the salary you need to get home in the evening.

6 tips for more salary and appreciation

1. The application: Do not sell yourself under value!

Before you apply for a job: think carefully about what you expect from your job and what basic conditions it should meet for you. Often in the Application asked for an expected salary, sell Please do not put yourself under value here!

If the worst comes to the worst, you may not become a Conversation loaded, but the old saying applies here: "Rather an end with horror than...", because if you play under form from the start, it will haunt you longer than a rejection of your application. Ask Check out your circle of friends and acquaintances and get other opinions if you don't for sure are how high you should play poker.

2. Adjust your expectations for comparison variables

Sometimes it helps to know that you are not alone. This also applies to your salary class. Here it makes sense to research the industry-standard payment exactly - who knows, maybe you are compared to the average even very well paid?

Another way: Put your skills and knowledge with swing to one side of your personal scale - the competition and the things you can still learn with a little less momentum on the other side. Perhaps you realize that it is worth simply letting a little time elapse and a few years of experience to collect.

3. Take a close look: Do you like your job?

You brought an honest self-assessment with you from our second tip, now you can look at your current job: Do you really do so well that you get a raise to earn? Or, to look at it from the other side:

If you are not performing at your best, is it because you are not particularly happy at your job? Motivation and performance level are often very closely linked! What are you missing? Is it the type of employment, or maybe it's about them recognition your work in general?

4. Go into yourself: What would make you happy?

If your primary concern is personal appreciation, and not payment for your performance itself, then consider whether your Workplace, your colleagues and you Executive Can offer you what you want.

Tip your inner scales to the negative side, you should act. There are many offers out there, and you can take a look at the job market without obligation...

5. Stay moving!

What applies to look around once, applies again and again! The times when workers 45 years in one Company were employed, including stamp cards and all the trimmings, are long gone. So let your life get moving (and the job is an integral part of it!).

Keep asking yourself: is this job what I need right now? And if the answer to “No” tends to, don't be afraid to look for a job that fulfills you even more than the previous one.

6. Last but not least: Make inventory with your expenses

This is how you bridle the horse from behind. This point doesn't help you to get more salary, but maybe more money: If you constantly have the feeling that your pay is not enough, take yours expenditure before! Insurance, spending on groceries, luxury goods, rent, car and much more.

Sometimes there are hidden "leaks" that siphon small amounts from you without you even realizing it. A conscious look at your everyday Finance can help to locate and eliminate such leaks.

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