Do extroverts have the gift of Rede? The fact is, for many introverts, free speech is a big one Problem but they are by no means the worse speakers.

Rhetoric & Communication for Introverts: The Gift of Free Speech? [+2 checklists]

Help, a spontaneous speech!

I heard my name Hundreds of happy faces looked at me and raised their glasses. The warm evening in Barcelona suddenly became even warmer. A roar of applause ensued. I was taken aback. My heart was beating like crazy, my legs were shaking. "Say a few words!" the moderator urged and held out the microphone to me. I grabbed it with white knuckles and became completely passive. All I produced was an odd rumbling throat sound. The longest art break of the Welt has just taken place. The Audience applauded dutifully as I returned to my seat. I felt absent.

Winston Churchill said: “A good spontaneous speech requires at least three weeks of preparation.” The statement certainly sounds like it comes from an introvert. The spontaneous word is not our friend. When an introvert speaks spontaneously, what you hear is a series of old, rehearsed monologues and statements. With introversion comes the need to think things through. We want to construct our words internally before sharing them with the world. As mentioned above, there are numerous examples of introverted speakers. These are Peoplewho have constructed for themselves a role as speaker. No one could have imagined that the nervous tramp who had a total linguistic failure in Barcelona would become a renowned speaker.

Can introverts be great speakers?

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Can an introvert become as great a speaker as a super social extrovert? Reflexively, the answer seems to be no. The stereotypical speaker is a lively extrovert who takes the stage like a comet. Roaring energy types like Steve Ballmer at Microsoft have become icons. In a now legendary YouTube video, bathed in sweat, he runs onto the stage and screams: “I LOOOVE THIS COOMPANNNYYY YEAAHHHH!” The fidgety phenomenon Clifford Stoll was the TED Speaker of the Year 2010. These two have become trademarks of how we do inspiring speaker . see

At first glance act the great orators of our time are all extroverts, verging on the manic. There are many great speakers along clear extroverted personality traits. Much of the expressive body languagethat is found in extroversion is what we deal with Charisma get in touch. In the 1960s, an experiment was conducted by a gentleman who posed as a Dr. Fox issued. Dr. Fox toured various schools in the United States and spoke to students. But in reality he was an actor. Dr. Fox was wonderfully charismatic and played his message with big Energy out of. With a high pulse and voluptuous movements, he conveyed the message to the high school students who sat spellbound in front of him. Afterwards, the audience was lyrical and felt they had learned a lot, even if they couldn't remember anything. The point was that Dr. Fox was really just talking gibberish. The whole idea was full of logical gaps. But the conclusion of the whole experiment was this: a sufficiently charismatic speaker will be perceived as an authority no matter what he or she says. Charisma trumps substance, at least in the short term. That is why the image of the stereotypical speaker is so clearly extroverted.

Introvert and speaker, a self-harming behavior?

So why are some of our loudest speakers so quiet? How could an introvert speak so loud that his dream of a color blind Society heard around the world and still resonates today, 60 years later? "I have a dream" has been called the most powerful speech in world history. Even today, Martin Luther King's words can still trigger an erection in me when I hear a raspy audio recording. The message is sung out, trembling with power.

Winston Churchill, Al Gore and Barack Obama are also considered introverts but are known for their strong speeches. Why do many introverts make excellent teachers when this disposition per Definition social abstinence implied?

The 3 components of perfect speech

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Dale Carnegie is called the father of modern speech. He claimed that a really strong Performance depends on three things. None of these three are about being comfortable with the spoken word.

  1. Show only the tip of the iceberg knowledge you have. If you are asked to talk about something for 5 minutes, you should have enough knowledge to talk about it for 50 minutes.
  2. The audience needs to feel like you you deserve the rightto talk about your topic. The audience needs to believe that you struggled and were disciplined in your struggle to become a champion of the subject. For example, a person who survived the concentration camps and talks about it has more weight than I could ever have on the subject.
  3. The third and perhaps most important component is engagement. You have to have that nerdy, snowed-in zeal that makes you speak out of real engagement. An avid speaker is contagious. It sends out signals that arouse interest in other people. We listen to the speaker and think: I want that too, this passion!

These three components are a matter of course for every introvert. Since we are not comfortable with the spoken word, we will automatically read more material than is necessary for our performance. By the time we get up and speak, we are often light years past the point at which we earned the right to speak on the subject. We have already rehearsed and practiced what we did before Spiegel will say. Those closest to us certainly had to act as audiences and Criticism to practice. We are preparing and hope others are doing the same. With introversion comes a tremendous one Respect before the spoken word. If you see an introvert perform on stage of their own free will, you can for sure be that it is genuine Commitment acts for the topic.

Introverts vs. extroverts in comparison

I've found quite a few extroverts kick their heels into the act. You present your PowerPointPresentation finished while the audience sits down. You start speaking, not knowing where it will end, but with a strong optimistic belief that it will be good. Speaking comes naturally to them.

I've had the opportunity to mine several times Style compared to that of much more extroverted and introverted people. Some of the things I noticed are the following:

Extroverted Speakers Checklist

Checklist for introverted speakers

Bottom line: introverts can be brilliant speakers

In summary: the introvert's respect for the spoken word becomes his strength as a speaker. The introverted speaker is prepared, well read and punctual. The introvert can function very well as the center of a social context, for example as a speaker. However, it is important for him to find time between performances to recharge his batteries.

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