If you yourself are not convinced of your achievements, you cannot convince others either - e.g. in salary negotiations, presentations, Meetings. What can you do against this form of self sabotage do?


Your interior comes to the outside

For more presence and visibility is especially: what is inside, comes out. This means that what you think about yourself and your achievements in the interior, in those situations in which it is important to convince others, especially to the outside.

You can still read as many tips as you convince others in a quiet way: If you are insecure inside or believe that you do not have much to offer, that will of course come through. Not only because you are reluctantly too cautious in your own cause, but also because you notice insecurity and self-doubt.

Our true strengths are self-evident

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Now there is also what we already had: That our real strengths seem totally natural to us (“It's anyway clear!", "Anyone can do it!", "I just like that light!"). And that we often overreact to our weaknesses Significance to eat.

Most of all, because we unfairly label a lot as a weakness. You'll be amazed at what you have on the box and what strengths even reveal in your weaknesses!

Your strengths in action

When it comes to your strengths, many sabotage each other People unfortunately enormously themselves and thus fall into the self-evident trap. No wonder! Because most of us make the mistake that when we hear the word strengths, we begin to recite a list of qualities or skills such as “reliable”, “patient”, “communicative”.

Not only does it not do anything because it's too unspecific, it's not very meaningful. That's why many people find it so hard to acknowledge their strengths.

What concrete benefits do your strengths have?

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It's different when you get specific and realize that every strength has its specific, diverse use. For this I recommend the following exercise:

Answer the following Ask, please take your time.

  1. What qualities or abilities do you think of as a strength (or at least a good one)?
  2. What specific situation do you think of when you used this strength last?
  3. Now formulate the benefit of this strength in one or two sentences.

Be aware of your strengths

Your answers might include, B. look like this:

  1. I quickly realize how others are doing.
  2. When my colleague arrived in the morning, I immediately saw that he was in a bad mood. Actually, I just wanted to confront him with a customer problem. Instead, I brought him a coffee and we chatted about this and that. When I realized that he had relaxed, I told him about the problems with the customer. We discussed the matter together and made an important decision.
  3. As I quickly realize how others are doing, I know exactly what the other person needs right now. For example, if he is in a bad mood or stressed out. I intuitively do the right thing to make him feel better and so make sure that we can work well together.

Do this with whatever strengths you can think of. start with five increase Then to 10. And gladly even more. It is a wonderful exercise in realizing the true value of your strengths. You can also use it to prepare yourself for important situations, e.g. B. Job interviews and salary negotiations.

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