Perfectionists are generally considered to be particularly productive, but they often have Anxietyto make the wrong decision. How to deal with it?

Courage vs. Hesitation: fear of making the wrong decision

When the fear of making mistakes gets out of hand

You always give everything, also accept routineTasks not taken lightly and permeate everyone Problem down to the smallest detail - perfectionists are generally considered to be particularly efficient, work alcoholism is a recognized addiction. Wrongly. Because constantly striving for 110 percent is rather counterproductive.

For example, this is a hindrance when it comes to fast and efficient too decide. Because the fear of mistakes is huge in perfectionists.

The perfection dogma

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To err is human. Says, but acts differently. Making mistakes is still embarrassing, perfect and avoiding mistakes at all costs as a proof of professionalism. Just stupid that mistakes just happen. Shit happens. Even the most beautiful zero-error-dogma does not help.

Dealing with mistakes is what matters. Because if mistakes are not openly discussed, nobody can learn what should be done better in the future. Exactly these aspects I explain in my book “Die 110%-lie” – and in my related essay at changeX, which I asked journalists to research for their Article on request also happy to send.

Causes and consequences of the exaggerated entitlement to benefits

The long-running topic of “perfectionism” has aroused a lot of media interest in the past and led to numerous interviews with me, for example in Süddeutschen, TIME, on Sunday in the career Bible. There was also a cover story in managerSeminare magazine.

But what are the causes and consequences that excessive demands for performance in the job can have for individuals in their careers? The fact is perfectionism comes from Germany Company to be expensive: As the productivity study by the American management consultancy Proudfoot-Consulting shows again and again every year, excessive work zeal is anything but productive. In Germany alone, an average of 26 working days per year and Employees wasted.

Ridiculous work?

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And above all through unnecessary waiting times and duplication of work – blinder actionism in other words, which could be avoided by acting more prudently and which costs German companies 135 billion euros a year because employees do superfluous or even wrong things.

Debt The main reason for this is perfectionism, i.e. the tendency of perfectionists to want to avoid mistakes at all costs: because they are responsible for the defective ones Work organization are Executives, which are actually supposed to regulate the work processes of your employees.

Decisions that solve themselves?

However, leadership also includes making decisions about who does what work, what budget is available and when Projects should be finished. And that's exactly where the rub lies: Because instead of tackling the matter actively and energetically, many decision-makers in the executive floors prefer to hope that the problem will solve itself.

“Suffering” from perfectionism also means suffering from a lack of desire to make decisions. Because every decision contains that Risksto bet on the wrong horse. Perfectionists, on the other hand, prefer to keep all options open. Because deciding also means making a commitment and forgoing other options.


Not to think about when they would later receive information that would allow them to make a better, correct, even more perfect decision instead of making themselves unpopular with a wrong decision.

For fear of the wrong one Choice Therefore, they prefer to try to delay the decision as long as possible, to avoid it or even to pass it on to others - sometimes with absurd results:

Who decides?

It is not the head of the marketing department who decides on an advertising text, but the accountant has the last word. And when an order is placed, the head of the company's own kindergarten (as a member of the works council) must not be missing, because the Executive doesn’t want to ignore anyone.

That may seem at first glance sympathisch and democratic act, but in reality this shows a deep-seated insecurity of the decision-maker.

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