Whether new to a leadership role, several years of leadership experience or already an old hand in this field: managers never stop learning. If you want to be successful in a managerial position, you have to adapt to the constant changes in the company and to your Employees let in. Managers can acquire the right tools by attending seminars.

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What should managers necessarily know?

kursfinder.de, one of Germany's leading search engines for Further Training, worked out with the help of a survey among 13 training providers with a focus on management training.

The right communication counts

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The Basics are the be-all and end-all at the start of a management career. How do you deal with your new role as a manager? How do you position yourself compared to your former colleagues? How do you distribute tasks correctly?

In a basic seminar, the participants also learn the basics of how conflicts can be avoided and good ones Communication functions. The training providers see the latter as the foundation for successfully leading employees. Three quarters of all respondents suggest communication training for new leaders. The knowledge gained in this way can be supplemented and substantiated through specialized courses such as employee and personnel selection interviews.

Identify opportunities in conflicts

However, leadership is not an end in itself, but serves to achieve common goals. It's about as Team to function and to take responsibility not only for oneself but also for one's employees. the way to good Teamwork pave the way for courses in the field of team development, which two out of three respondents recommend.

However, conflicts are inevitable when many People work together. Different types of people meet, different opinions, so it's on Workplace can crack. Don't get your nerves too verlieren, it is said in conflict situations for executives. How to moderate and understand these conflicts and even recognize opportunities in them is taught by further training courses in the field of conflict management, which more than half of the survey participants recommend.

Deactivate the timer

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It is also important for people in a leadership role to be able to delegate tasks to employees. Otherwise there is a risk that they themselves will become unbalanced and twelve-hour working days will become a habit. Two thirds of further training providers are therefore of the opinion that seminars are the right thing to do Time management are recommended. The participants learn to prioritize tasks, work in a goal-oriented manner and put time thieves to flight.

Only those who take responsibility for themselves can take responsibility for others - for people in a managerial position this means paying attention to their own personality and promoting it. Three out of four respondents therefore recommend personal development courses in order to increase the effect when dealing with others increase and earning the trust of employees. Furthermore applies to the Implementation of projects Objective, time and the calculated Costs always on the screen. Project management training, recommended by half of the participating training providers, helps executives with the targeted, successful implementation of upcoming tasks.

As a useful two-thirds of those surveyed also consider further training in the area of ​​change management, so that through the use of new processes, Strategies and structures one positive change im Companys can be achieved.

Listen to the inner voice

Managers cannot avoid responsibility. Time pressure is part of everyday work – supplemented by demanding processes and demands that employees place on you. Some leaders can deal with it more easily than others who see the concentrated expectations as Stress feel. How to deal with stress positively and sustained deal with without throwing your own habits overboard? Managers experience this at a Further Training in the field of stress management, recommended by around half of the experts surveyed.

With all the demands on managers, caution is advised. Due to the high stress they are exposed to, they are considered to be Burnout-subsceptible. So that there is no stress crash, you should make regular pit stops to take care of your own Behavior to reflect, to exchange ideas with like-minded people, to develop new potential and about one's own Work-Life-Balance to think. Everyone should plan this burnout prevention. Because if you want to be successful in a managerial position, you not only have to take care of your employees, but also your inner ones voice listen.

The Best Chef Trainings - 11 Tips:

  1. Leadership Principles (13 Entries)
  2. Communication Training (10 Entries)
  3. Personality development (10 mentions)
  4. Time Management (9 Entries)
  5. Change Management (8 Entries)
  6. Lead Personnel Interviews (8 registrations)
  7. Stress management (8 mentions)
  8. Team Development (8 Entries)
  9. Conflict Management (7 registrations)
  10. Employee Conferences (7 Entries)
  11. Project Management (7 Entries)

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