Within the selection When choosing the right career advisor, one thing is important above all: sympathy and Trust. Because a career counseling session represents an intensive personal relationship between client and counselor. And inevitably the counselor learns a lot of confidential information about you.

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What the consultant does - and what not

If the advisor is good, he will not try to get you to a specific one decision to urge - neither in advance nor during the consultation itself.

Rather, he provides supplementary information and tips, structures the decision-making field with you, helps you find the right ones Ask to ask yourself and find answers.

Do not let yourself be pushed!

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On the other hand, if you feel that you are being pushed, you should look for a Alternatives look around. Because trust is important, after all the conversations will be about quite personal questions, considerations, wishes, goals and fears.

This is only possible when you feel that you can have trust. The atmosphere of the room in which the counseling sessions take place is also important - you should feel comfortable there feel can. Because only then can the consultation accompany your personal decision-making process.

What do you expect from your consultant?

There is no such thing as THE best consultant! There is no ranking and none checklist, with the help of which you can select the right consultant according to certain criteria. But: There are many good consultants and some bad ones. And there are some advisors who are a better fit than others. How do you find them?

It's not enough to be in the Yellow Pages or in the Internet simply looking for the next career advisor. And the price should not be the selection criterion either. A particularly cheap offer can also be so cheap because the performance is rather poor. Conversely, the most expensive offer is also necessarily the best.

Which advice fits you?

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If you are looking for commercial advice, you should first of all find out which consulting is best suited to you and exactly define what you expect from a consultation.

In addition, you will also be able to gather information about your past career, and will also be clearer about what you are doing. Many consultants will ask you anyway. In addition, find out more about the possibilities - the better you are prepared, the better the advice will be.

Ask, ask, ask!

Then you should call different providers and pester them with questions - for example, an extensive list of questions will help. Make your request and that Objective your advice as accurately as possible.

In addition, you can ask in the friend or acquaintance circle whether someone could already gain experience or search the Internet for press reports on the consultation. You can also arrange a free preliminary interview as soon as possible. This is the only way to see if chemistry is right between you and the consultant.

Absolutely preliminary talk!

In this preliminary talk, the consultant should clarify with you exactly what your expectations and goals are for the consultation. And he should be open to you too Honestly say what he can and cannot do himself. Agree exactly which ones Tasks are your responsibility during the consultation and which the consultant will assume.

Also, your advisor should explain to you which ones Method he will apply or give you different methods to choose from!

Checklist: How do I find the best consultant?

In the end, you should choose the consultant who seems most likeable, competent and trustworthy. How to find it, this checklist helps. These questions should be clarified in advance with the adviser on the phone or in a free preliminary talk:

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