The Turnover determines the success of each Company. Whether the fiscal year begins on January 1st or July 1st. Reflection and analysis of the completed period are a good basis for a professional start into an even more successful phase.

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Before the turnover comes the inventory

All Seller wish you a successful new financial year. If the previous one was successful, one might think that it would be enough to simply carry on like this. stop stop! No new start in the old routine!

Because there is a great danger in routine. Especially when everything is going well light Missing errors or signs. A thorough analysis, on the other hand, provides comprehensive information. An inventory is not only in the warehouse useful, but also in the sales history of the seller.

To make visible

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The advantage of an inventory is not only the visibility of the current situation. The results of the inventory suggest that they investigate and question why and how these results came about.

What was it for? In a positive as well as a negative case. And then conclusions are to be drawn from that. What do I learn from this? What can be made even better? If you take this into account, nothing stands in the way of a successful new sales period.

8 checklists and action areas for permanent sales

In the following, the most important eight fields of action for a permanently profitable turnover are shown:

1. Create sales customer ranking

Was there a shift in sales? Which customers have developed particularly well? A ranking helps to capture the strongest sales customers. Once the top performers have been filtered out, the reasons for this must also be investigated.

If, for example, your own product ideally meets the expectations of the buyer, then this synchronicity can possibly be adapted to other customers and additional sales can be generated easily.

2. Defining the main revenue earners

Which products or services were the main revenue drivers? A detailed sales analysis shows which offer brought the main sales and possibly additional sales.

All clear the sales efforts must be focused on these success factors in the range. However, supplementary offers must not be disregarded. On the other hand, slow-moving goods are to be eliminated.

3. New customers do not fall from the sky

If new customers are to become the regular customers of tomorrow, the relationships with these newly acquired business partners must be carefully maintained. The Background around it is of double Significance. On the one hand for the further expansion of business with them, on the other hand for the acquisition of future new customers. So:

Customer paths should be traced. Who knows which way a new one Customer has found it, can use it again when acquiring new customers. If it was a gravel road, any stumbling blocks can still be removed.

4. Customers are no perennial favorite

There is no automatism. Once a customer does not necessarily mean customer again. Ask the following questions:

Once the causes have been researched, repetition by other customers can be avoided.

5. Returnees welcome

Are there "unloyal" customers who are too "bad" for the competition? With which Measures, can they be reactivated if necessary?

The recovery of former customers can be quite lucrative. You already know each other. Nevertheless, it should be carefully considered who exactly you would like to list again in his customer list and interpret the measures individually.

6. Treat VIPs like VIPs

The top customers bring in the lion's share of sales. A seller must be aware of this and think about what measures he can use to bind them to his company as permanently as possible. Compared to the acquisition of new customers, the effort here is the Shops relatively low to expand further.

So leave nothing to chance! Customer appointments should be planned strategically and systematically. Maintaining regular contact with good Preparation is essential. If you know what services the customer expects, you can use them as a trump card. Doing your best to serve the best customers is worth it!

7. Keep an eye on the competitive situation

The competition is not sleeping.

In order to stay on the ball, market events must be constantly observed. New ideas are asked. And the Courage implement them purposefully.

8. Good planning is half the turnover

New sales goal, new luck than Solution is not enough. It is better to help your luck, i.e. the sales figures, in a targeted manner. Because more sales don't come by themselves. The prerequisites for this need to be strategically planned.

But regular customers should not be neglected either. Her satisfaction through reliable active support brings secure basic sales, which can usually be expanded with sales skills.

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