Finally! The invitation to the interview is in the mailbox. But how do I prepare for application questions in the job interview before? We have compiled frequently asked questions from recruiters.

The most common questions in the interview

7 typical applications

  1. What do you know about us? Why did you apply to us? Why are you the right person for the job offered? With these application questions, the opposite is about sounding out the motives and seriousness of the application or the applicant. The answer should show interest in the company and make it clear that and why the applicant wants to work in the company. This is not about platitudes, such as B. the company is big and successful, but about the linking of personal motivation points with the company in question and the job advertised.
  2. What were your main tasks in your work as ...? Whether a previous full-time position, project or volunteer position, the other person wants to get an idea of ​​the candidate's suitability for the job advertised on the basis of previous experience. But beware! Although the focus is on a precise description of the area of ​​responsibility, it is essential that the applicant specifically highlight activities that are relevant to the vacancy.
  3. How do you imagine your professional development? Where do you look in 5 years? Of course, the HR manager and potential supervisors want to know how goal-oriented the applicant is and whether he knows where he is going. The answer hides a statement about the ambitions and demands on your own career. But that's not all. This application question is also about the comparison with the position to be filled. For this reason, applicants should not answer them “just like that”, but should instead consider which of the personal medium-term goals suit the advertised position. If there is a discrepancy here, an applicant quickly gets the impression that the position is only an interim solution or a compromise. An example: If there is a task in the company's payroll accounting and the applicant indicates that he wants to work abroad in the medium term, then the question arises, how does that fit together? Applicants should make sure to set goals that are as specific as possible, but at the same time signal a certain flexibility when it comes to new tasks.
  4. How do you react to criticism? Of course, every HR manager would like to hear that the candidate is critical. But he should not let him be subdued. A possible answer to this question would be that criticism can be very instructive for further professional development, provided it is constructive and respected. If one feels himself not to be particularly critical, one does not exaggerate with this statement and admits to itself the space to work on its criticism.
  5. How are you working overtime? Even when it comes to motivation, it is important to stay honest and not fool yourself. One possible answer would be to signal that overtime is important for important jobs and certain phases of the project and is part of everyday working life. But beware: in certain industries, such as in business consulting or investment banking, the willingness to perform overtime is required! Who votes here a Song of Songs on recreational value and family, can quickly disqualify.
  6. Which other companies did you apply for? This is where applicants can and should confidently disclose when they are talking to other companies - this shows that they are committed and realistic and do not want to rely on a single option. And incidentally, it increases your own market value when it becomes clear that the potential employer is in competition with other companies or even the competition. However, one should not exaggerate - and that applies to the situation addressed in principle for everyone. As an applicant, you are also well advised to use the above-mentioned question to explain why you are particularly interested in the specific position for which you are currently applying. Under no circumstances should the impression arise that this is an emergency solution. Important: Specific company names should not be mentioned for reasons of discretion.
  7. The application for the strengths and weaknesses: It is a classic and is supposed to reveal how the applicant assesses himself and whether he can be brought out of the rest. In any case, you should answer this question like any other and do not try to be funny.

Conclusion: This is the best way to deal with difficult questions

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Of course, the answers are as individual as that Candidate, but many still find it difficult. Power should if possible on the Workplace be related and mean advantages for the position, for example: communicative, good at People go to The weaknesses should be real weaknesses, but they can also be remedied by explaining what you are doing about them.

Examples include perfectionism or the lack of professional experience in the case of professional beginners. These are weaknesses, which can also be strengths and at which one can work. For example, the beginner is an unbiased and, to a certain extent, learning and knowledge-oriented.

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