Which connects Peoplewho are professionally successful? Is there a recipe for a fulfilling professional life? It depends on 6 basic settings.

6 tips for success happiness job satisfaction: take it, change it or leave it!

1. Self-reflection - Get on the trail of the “I”

The focus of self-reflection is the observation of one's own behavior, one's own thoughts and feelings with the Objective, his Power and explore values. Those who define what they stand for and what is important to them also develop a clear unique selling point (USP). This unique selling proposition is not only important in order to differentiate oneself from others in the market, but also to authentic to stay.

I am convinced that the process of self-reflection will never be fully completed. Rather, we will continuously look back on experiences Feedback accept, remain open to new things and learn from mistakes. As an entrepreneur, I therefore advocate a feedback culture in which Employees and Executives give regular feedback and actively request feedback.

2. Be confident!

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Another basic attitude on the way to job satisfaction is confidence. Confidence moves on three levels: In addition to “I can do that!” and "I'm not alone!" confidence always means "It's worth it!". About this one Optimism and to promote self-confidence, partners, family members or mentors who help you in phases of Reorientation encourage and provide help and advice.

Equally valuable are networks in which you can exchange ideas with like-minded people about challenges in all walks of life. As part of our interview series, we met people who have experienced a lot of trust from others, but always that themselves tax her own Career took over and remained their most important sponsor.

3. Have a clear goal in mind!

Goal orientation can be understood as a common thread in life, along which you work your way step by step. To goal orientation and Endurance also includes reacting flexibly to unexpected events and remaining open to new ideas.

Anyone who realizes in the course of their career that they have strayed too far from their strengths and values ​​does not necessarily have to be on the direct side ways achieve his original goal, but should be able to improve his plan.

4. Show willingness to cooperate!

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Who with the high speed of change and complexity of our Working world If you want to keep up, you have to form networks and use the wisdom of the crowd. Agile network organizations are able to react more quickly to market conditions and the best Solution bring forth. Individuals should not only cooperate within their own department or project team. Cooperation includes the entire workforce of the company, its business partners, its customers, and external networks. Innovation and creativity research has already established that the really good ones ideas always arise where people meet and talk to each other.

Closely linked to cooperative willingness is trust. The co-operation between the executive and the coworkers only works if you trust. I trust in the expertise and self-motivation of my employees and expect them to act on their own responsibility and take advantage of the scope.

But also in the private sphere Teamwork asked. Especially for female It is crucial for managers to clarify the distribution of tasks with their partner openly and directly. I am convinced that professional success can only come about if both partners make a balanced contribution at home in the long term - for me that is the core of a partnership eye level. As Sheryl Sandberg rightly says: Make your partner a real partner!

5. Love What You Do!

If you love what you do, you dedicate yourself to it Tasks with devotion. Giving up is not an option for him, even if complications arise. The love of the thing makes it possible to perfect one's own skills and, at best, to master them. employees who Sinn Recognize in their work or on a personal mission will also strive to achieve above-average results.

Especially with young people, the meaningfulness of their work is right at the top of the range of values. Companywho succeed in conveying a vision to their young employees and awakening a love for the matter in them will therefore be able to get the best out of Generation Y.

6. Show resilience!

Resistance helps us to survive crises without breaking them, developing frustration tolerance, and re-starting after failure. This includes above all the flexibility to recognize and take chances when they offer themselves. Nobody can count on the fact that the way to his life goal is free from hurdles or crises.

The ability, resistors Enduring or tackling something when uncomfortable is closely related to Courage or bravery. One is brave if one keeps striving for one's goals, even though difficulties pile up.

Conclusion: This is how you get more satisfaction and success

In view of the rapid changes in the world of work and the associated flexibilisation and dissolution of conventional structures and career paths, these six basic attitudes will become even more important in the future decidehow successful we are in life.

For individuals who advance their mosaic career one brick at a time, this means that they have to deal more consciously with their individual strengths and values. Only those who have found their element will achieve the best work results and thereby achieve greater self-efficacy and life satisfaction.

I can only encourage myself to always look for his talents and to stick to his goals - even in stormy times!

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