An appealing office design increases the employee motivation. Employers like Otto, Puma or SoundCloud have recognized this and put on chic workstations as well as stylish breaks and common rooms with a real feel-good atmosphere.


Almost every second works more productively when the office look is right

What motivates the employee? A number of studies have addressed this question. The results show that the relationship with colleagues and superiors is elementary - the same applies to monetary and non-monetary additional benefits that the Esteem of the Employees express by the employer. And that includes the design of the offices. A survey by the personnel service provider Manpower showed that an attractive interior design is one of the 10 most important factors in terms of employee motivation: 45 percent of employees in Germany work more productively if the office looks right.

It is undisputed that office design is also a question of taste that is a good argument. Anyway, that's all Corporate different, which is why there can be no blueprint for office look and workplace layout that works in every business. When designing a space, it is important for employers to consider the actual workspaces and workflows of their workforce or departments, and to collect employee feedback.

Office design as a reference to company culture

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With pictures from Workplace Employers can also help potential applicants to give a first impression of the corporate culture of the company. Glassdoor is a job and career platform where employees can share information about their workplace with the community, including office photos. We took a closer look at the pictures and one selection put together by ten creatively designed offices in Germany, in which Style is capitalized and the workplace becomes a place of well-being.

The 10 coolest offices in Germany

  1. Lots of room for great ideas have employees In the large office of glispa: in Berlin. Here, industrial charm meets ballsaalflair. Brass roll container on gorgeous chandelier. And if you have enough of high windows and airy atmosphere, simply go back to the chillout zone. Glassdoor_01_Buerofoto_glispa
  2. Almost every worker knows the feeling that he is about to fall on his head on particularly stressful days. at Zalando: in Berlin there is a way out, because here the employees in the courtyard find open garden houses - for much fresh air and a clear head. Gartenfeeling in the middle of Berlin: for a quick breath or work outside. Glassdoor_02_Buerofoto_Zalando
  3. What do I actually do? A question that the office workers in this BMW: -Work certainly not ask. Here, the employees in the open-plan office are always reminded that they are part of a larger whole. Next eMails and Excel spreadsheets on computer monitors, they experience the result of their work up close and personal on the illuminated body assembly line above their heads. A thoroughly transparent workplace concept.Glassdoor_03_Buerofoto_BMW
  4. The first impression counts, not just at the first date. The bright and high - ceilinged rooms of Stylight: in Munich are - to match the name - top-styled. The reception area also invites you to a second meeting, whether for employees or customers.Glassdoor_04_Buerofoto_Stylight
  5. What is user-friendly and what does it offer? The SoundCloud app on the smartphone. What is employee-friendly and what is the eye? The SoundCloud: Office in Berlin. From the “Meeting Room Castro” to the office kitchen to the recording studio. A remix of tidy design and fine materials.Glassdoor_05_Buerofoto_SoundCloud
  6. Work where others plan holidays. Perhaps with it the wanderlust in the workforce of trivago: is not too big, the premises in the Düsseldorf city district 1 spread a pleasant travel atmosphere. The offices bring the employees not only to different countries, but also to different heights. Depending on the mood and the project, there is plenty of room for inspiration - and some of them a mental short break in the Alps.Glassdoor_06_Buerofoto_trivago
  7. The Puma: the work-life balance is correct (3,9 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor). And if they like, employees can even spend their free time wonderfully at work. Because those who have completed the day's work in Herzogenaurach can simply make themselves comfortable on the beanbag and watch football with their colleagues after work. And if you are not yet finished, you are still there, unpack your laptop and find a job in the spacious “Social Lounge”. Teamwork even after the final whistle.Glassdoor_07_Buerofoto_Puma
  8. The Otto: in Hamburg, the staff offers a colorful mix of colors and shapes. In small niches and protected by tree trunks, employees can withdraw. And if you're planning big things, just sit down at the rustic group tables.Glassdoor_08_Buerofoto_Otto
  9. Those who dive into virtual worlds need inspiration. A good reason for InnoGames: In Hamburg, transforming the office space into different theme worlds: In addition to leisure rooms with ping-pong table and pinball machines, the meeting room quickly becomes a film backdrop for 1000 and one night.Glassdoor_09_Buerofoto_InnoGames
  10. Whether short brainstorming or negotiation marathon: in this conference room of SAP: the employees keep the target firmly in their sights for every thought-exercise task. In an open atmosphere, all the speakers have a look, no tables and monitors in front of the nose and thus avoid the unnecessary extrarunds in the meeting. Best of HR –®

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