you feel also sometimes helpless your Executive delivered? Then we have good news for you: this apparent helplessness is only learned. And she is lost again.


The boss hands out work instructions ...

Monday morning, your boss hands out orders: “Please give me some information about our plans in Asia for the Rede together next week."

Wednesday afternoon, your boss looks thoughtfully at a paper you gave him: “And you have spent the last two days with that? Are you insane? I can't talk publicly about our expansion plans. Next week's speech will be about employee motivation. Please google that, I can't think of anything… ”

The boss is pressing

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Wednesday evening, your boss adds: “Oh yes, by the way, there is time until Friday. It’s enough if I can read that at the weekend. ”

Thursday morning, 8.30 a.m .: “Please remember the information for my speech? You know, it's next week and not in two years! ”

The boss doesn't know what he wants ...

Thursday morning, 10 a.m .: Your boss will give you a postcard that says: "Dear God, please make sure that I am not always offended."

Monday evening, your boss makes the speech: “My charming employee has put together a few very charming things for me. But I just decided: Today we want to talk about something completely different… ”

Do you have to endure your fate?

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Do you seem familiar? Who doesn't know this feeling of helplessness? How do you help yourself? "Not at all," you may say, "there's nothing I can do about it anyway" - shrug your shoulders and continue to endure your fate with your teeth clenched.

And now we tell you: This Problem exists mostly in your head. Because you've learned helplessness. And it severely limits your life. The Solution is sometimes much easier than you might think - and the learned helplessness can also be unlearned, as the following experiment shows:

A dog life?

Let's pretend for a moment that you are a dog - the breed is your choice. Let's further assume that you are sitting in a cage and are being electrocuted (some people might think so People very attractive, so don't be ungrateful!).

You will see a small lever next to you. They think, "Maybe I can turn the power off." And push the lever down.

Once twice.

3 times.

But nothing happened. The surge arrives and goes - completely regardless of what you do.

At some point you will be put into another cage. There the electric shocks continue. In the wall you see a small flap.

What do you do?

You just have to shut up

The real dogs in this real experiment don't do anything anymore. They sit and cry. In the second cage they just had to run through the flap, a few steps to the side – and they would be for sure been.

For the cage had two parts, and in the second there were no electric shocks. But the dogs had learned at the beginning that they could not escape the electric shock - no matter what they do. That's why they do not try to do it anymore.

They have "learned" that they are helpless. And that's exactly what you can unlearn again!

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