The new requirements of Industry 4.0 cannot be easily integrated into existing structures overnight. Rather, she demands rethink in all areas of the company. Everyday business life usually shows this klare limits up.

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Meeting the challenges

There is simply no free capacity, which can be targeted with the innovations of the 4.0 era.

Irrespective of this, the rapid developments behind Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial Revolution, unstoppable. It is considered a decisive factor for future company success. To ensure that companies do not stand still or even fall by the wayside in the innovation competition, it is important to face the new challenges at an early stage.

The way to industry 4.0

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The adjustments to Industry 4.0 must be carried out in the company in parallel to existing projects and are therefore right in the middle of the multi-projectShop .

Important: Only when change itself is viewed and accepted as a full-fledged and future-oriented project can companies make their way to Industrie 4.0 holistically.

3 Steps for the customization process

To ensure that the necessary adjustment processes are not stalled, a well thought-out approach is required:

A simple, bottleneck-oriented control, unambiguous and robust priorities, Company- instead of area optimization and a focus on speed ensure that projects actually flow in three steps:

1. Keep WIP level low

If the workload (Work in Process, WIP) is too high, projects block each other. In order to become significantly better, the company reduces the work in process to a reasonable level and then ensures that the reduced WIP level is maintained.

Therefore, some of the projects are first “frozen”, which speeds up the processing of the projects that have not been frozen. The frozen projects can then be gradually “thawed” again in a controlled manner. When starting the new projects, make sure that the work in process does not “splash up” again. For this purpose, the projects are staggered based on their strategic priority at the company's bottleneck.

2. Necessity: individual collateral!

In the project business, collateral is required, without which no project can be remotely reliable. Become Employees assessed according to individual adherence to deadlines, to plan they (and their managers) place substantial individual collateral and consume this.

However, the projects on the schedule require more time than is actually necessary and are also not reliable. In order to optimize significantly, the company implements a work in which the fastest possible processing of each started task is at the forefront.

3. Long-term improvement

In order to become significantly better, the company provides the resources and all managementFeatures (resource, project and top managers) clear, robust and synchronized operational priorities. These result in…

Conclusion: Speed ​​and reliability are in demand

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The more important in Industry 4.0 individualized and customer-specific Solutions become, the more important becomes the ability to project reliably, agilely and fast to realize. However, the reality is very different:

Especially in (information) technology-oriented companies, the reliability and speed of projects decreases - despite the use of so-called agile Methods. A new, simple and at the same time flexible multi-project management is required. Projects 4.0 can flow when companies learn to rethink some areas and the Courage have, new ways to go. In this way, they are prepared for the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

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