Success is not the same as success. In order to be successful yourself or to get a little closer to success, it is helpful to know the different types of success. With the Background let your own dreams in Set convert and implement successfully.

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Success has different faces

Regardless of how the individual defines success, there is no wrong or right, no black or white. The diversity of the nuances makes life, success and happiness.

Whether it's the dream of just being happy or making those around you happy, the big thing Money zu to earn or to make others rich. Here, too, it should not be either-or, but always both-and. happiness is success Success is happiness – whatever the individual understands it to be.

The 5 types of success

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In the following, I have listed 5 different faces, which may be successful for you:

1. Absolute or relative success

Top performances determine in sport: The comparison with others and thus the determination of absolute success through a new world record or the achieved gold medal. On the other hand, there is relative success, i.e. the personal best time or skipping the one for the individual People achievable benchmark.

At the personal Definition A distinction must be made between these two types of success - while one is only happy if he is actually the best, the other uses his own further development as a benchmark and is also happy about small ones steps in the right direction.

2. partial success

One hundred percent is not always the measure to make a success. Sometimes a small success can have a lot to do. Like in football, when a team is on the relegation grounds all the time.

One failure chases the other, then in the last game but still a draw to achieve a relegation place - a partial success. Better than nothing. It goes up again.

3. estime

Respect and Esteem are shown by showing respect. All attention! When you hear this sentence, you have achieved something, achieved a certain degree of success. Respectful success is often underestimated.

But it is valuable to be recognized by other people. In sport, for example, the success of the Eighth Prize plays an important role. So the Olympian competitor might not have climbed the podium. Shortly before it fell ill, he still achieved a good placement. Better than expected. All attention!

4. The illusion

The tradition is handed down: “Another victory and we are lost!” by King Pyrrhos I of Epirus. He had won the battle at Asculum, but with great losses. At first glance, the victory seemed like a success for him, but in context, the whole thing turned out to be a failure.

The Pyrrhic victory, as the sham success is also called, is a success bought too dearly. The winner goes out of the Konflikt similarly weakened as the vanquished, so cannot build on the victory. Not everything that looks like a success has to be. Not everyone is happy with the successes that they (have) achieved in life. What appears to be a great success to the outside world may have ruined those affected a long time ago.

5. Material or emotional success

Does a success really have to be “black and white”? No, not at all. Depending on what was set as a goal, this can vary for each person. There is a distinction between factual and emotional success useful. In the case of factual success, there is actually a certificate for particularly good work, personal commitment, higher Turnover, etc. The provable for success and can be seen through things on the outside. You show how successful you are.

Emotional success is different: A loving partnership that Family, satisfied Employees, be at peace with yourself or stay true to yourself. What comes naturally to one person is a goal that requires hard work for another. Whether factual or emotional success - it is crucial to define and find your personal happiness.

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