Respect, recognition for your own achievement, from Executive, from colleagues, parents, teachers or your partner – that’s what everyone actually wants. Unfortunately, we don't always get what we want. That also often depends on our own Behavior from!

Getting recognition & respect: 8 tips not just for bosses

What science says about respect

Other People, this is proven by the scientific studies of our author Niels van Quaquebeke, Professor for Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the Kühne Logistics University and head of the RespectResearchGroup (University Hamburg), have precise ideas about how people who respect them should be.

For example you should Honestly be open with Criticism deal with what you say and what you do. On the other hand, some people often hide a lack of respect behind adulation and adulation.

Respect does not mean courtesy

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Respect is used as a synonym for courtesy. But I do not necessarily correct that: courtesy is more of an external behavior, respect an inner attitude. Say: whoever has respect is convinced. And: Of course it is much easier to get courtesy than respect.

Only: How do you get the respect you want from your fellow human beings? To be as authoritarian as possible, rumbling, tell others what to do? Not correct. Of course you also get respect for authoritarian behavior.

To stand by what you say

But much more importantly, according to the research results of the Respect Research Group, is that you are what you say and do. And that one is opposed to fairness to other people.

This means that you sometimes adopt uncomfortable postures, offend or with a “No” accepts, others before the Head to come across.

How do young managers win respect?

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This tightrope walk is not easy: In his article, our author Henryk Lüderitz describes young people Executives on the rocky road to respect, from personal experience how difficult it is for aspiring bosses in particular to win the respect of their employees.

And that emotional outbursts are not the best way to do it. His conclusion: young managers are constantly on a tightrope between enforcement and empathy.

Corporate culture and no-say

Best of HR -® author Sylvana Pollehn laments that Trust and respect is in short supply in many corporate cultures and that instead there is a constant digging and stabbing at the Agenda at a hunt.

And in my lecture script Love and respect for everyone, I show how important it is to say “no”, but that we are often hampered by social conventions.

8 tips for you to get respect!

It follows that everyone can help themselves to be respected by other people; for example, by offering respectable and respectable services. 8 tips:

  1. I am worth it! If you want to be respected by others, you first have to respect yourself and show that you can't do everything with yourself. This also includes, for example, not letting everything be done with you and sometimes saying “no” if something goes against the grain professionally.
  2. Performance counts! In the workplace one appreciates performance, expertise and communicative competence. The more you bring with you, the higher the reputation you enjoy. Anyone who stands out positively through his outstanding achievements, his performance or his special abilities is rather valued and honored.
  3. Rattling belongs to the craft! But it's not just about good performance - it's also important that you demonstrate it. Because it is not enough to be good, you also have to be able to sell well, so that the others also know what you can do.
  4. How to call into the forest! Other people feel if you respect them or not. And as one calls into the forest, it comes out: so if you want to be respected yourself, you have to treat other people with respect and appreciate their achievements accordingly.
  5. Why courtesy wins: Respectful manners and courtesy also belong to respectful intercourse. Whoever is polite, gives others pleasure. Chefs and colleagues will in turn feel encouraged to treat you politely
  6. Clothes make people: A well-groomed appearance signals “value”. You will therefore automatically be treated with more respect. The message is: I am worth it to dress appropriately. It is worth the job for me to dress appropriately.
  7. Body language: Your body language also has a direct impact on how other people meet you. They are much easier to be positively noticed by others when you radiate self-assurance, openness and friendliness.
  8. I'm me: Probably the most important rule to be respected by others is to be yourself. Say goodbye to the notion of being able to please everyone and to be recognized and loved by all, because the values ​​of your fellow human beings are too different ,

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