How to give constructive feedback - without disturbing the other? The first question to be answered is: What do you actually want? Criticism express? Give a statement? Or give feedback?


Guiding principles for feedback recipients

Make clearwhether you are currently “receptive” for feedback or not. If not, suggest another time or place. As difficult as it may be: first listen to the feedback giver and let him finish speaking.

When others rate and judge us

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What is the difference between feedback and criticism? In short, the inner attitude. Criticism is characterized by someone evaluating and judging another. There is something objectionable, faulty, or even reproachful about it.

The critic takes for himself to know how something has to be. He is right, the other wrong, because he makes it wrong. The change process is more imposing than the one that he takes the other.

The imposed change process

The statement has an ordering Character. "You're doing it like this now!" Here, too, it is a forced process of change that does not necessarily pick up the others.

When giving feedback, you meet the other person eye level und mit Respect. With concrete examples and constructive suggestions for change, you initiate a voluntary change process that is supported by insight.

Guiding principles for feedback providers

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Of course, you give your feedback promptly while the impressions are still fresh. Do not warm up old camels. But only if you are (again) in a constructive attitude towards the recipient. Depending on the occasion, the good old rule of "sleeping one night over" can be very useful.

Always give concrete feedback

Describe a specific Behavior or event that bothered you instead of criticizing the person. Provide feedback on behavior that you think disrupts collaboration or leads to incorrect work results. But don't grab that People

Feedback - good and personal justification

Talk about the impact that behavior has on you personally: "It bothered me!" or justify your feedback well by articulating your fears for possible consequences.

“I'm afraid we're going to customers verlieren, if…” You can break a lot if you die Opinions lead third party. "And the others say so too!"

Always improve the situation

Suggest behaviors that you think will improve the situation or outcomes. According to a study by University Osnabrück is one of the success factors for successful feedback.

Not just to say how you don't want it, but also to say what you would like to have or with what behavior satisfied were. This makes it much easier for the recipient.

Why feedback can fail

Here are a few reasons why feedback may be terrible:

10 tips: This is how a constructive feedback conversation takes place

As in many areas of life, there is a Implementation of new realizations not in easy, but it does Sinn themselves in the feedbackTechnology zu to practice, since one achieves much better discussion results with it and no colleagues or Employees more “grazed”.

  1. Make sure you have a constructive attitude.
  2. Ensure that the call partner can and will be able to record your feedback at this moment.
  3. Enter your feedback step by step to make it understandable.
  4. Ask yourself: What behavior did you perceive?
  5. Check: What effect did that have on you?
  6. Listen to yourself: what kind of feelings does that have in you?
  7. Think about: What thoughts do you have?
  8. Make it clear: what are your wishes and / or suggestions for your future?
  9. The feedback recipient presents his view of things without justifying himself.
  10. New approaches are developed, which in the future guarantee a viable, beneficial cooperation for both.

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