A respectful cooperation is important for the Success at work. Communication should be on an equal footing. The fact that this often does not work is due to social status.


Everyone wants attention, respect and assertiveness

awareness , Respect and assertiveness for his subjects and Set each of us wishes. At the same time, the key qualifications for every professional who strives for success. But what does that mean exactly?

First, it has a lot to do with empathy: when you step aside and the Welt from the Perspektive looking at someone else, it becomes easier to see things from their perspective. And only in this way can you also expect respect from others.

Wanting to get respect is often misunderstood

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Many People unfortunately get this wrong: They think getting respect means they get their Opinions can and even have to say about everything and everyone. Sometimes it is better to stay out of it, remain silent and let others do the talking.

At the same time, respect also depends on social status, the famous eye level, on which we communicate with someone - or not. This is often a mental story, because often we unconsciously make ourselves small.

Respect and equality help to achieve goals

Especially in the business world, respect is the key to building successful relationships and achieving your goals. It's not enough to simply ask for respect, you have to ask for it too to earn. One of the most effective waysTo do this is how you communicate.

By communicating at eye level, you can help your colleagues, customers and partners show that you see them as equals and are willing to talk to them as equals. This simple change in communication style can help you build stronger relationships, increase your credibility, and ultimately achieve better results in your professional life.

Put yourself in a higher position in the conversation – for practice

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So if you want to get more respect from your co-worker, this one could exercise help: Try to speak to your counterpart from an elevated position. For example, if you stand on a high stool when speaking to your counterpart, not only will you have a better view of them, you will also be perceived as more confident.

Even if you're sitting at a conference table, yours are Eyes much higher than that of your peers. That may for your Shop be great, but it means you're constantly looking down at them, which actually makes you seem more distant and disinterested.

Social status is flexible

The latter tends to have a rather detrimental effect on your goals: of course you can Meeting or im Conversation with our Executive don't just talk to a stool or the nearest office chair. Therefore we speak of Concept of social status.

Status is mobile. Depending on the other person, the thing and the situation feel we all have high status and low status at times. But communication at eye level is only possible if there is only a small status difference between the communication partners.

Learning respect through improvisational theater

That is why improvisational theater developed not only high and low status, but also status as equals: a status relationship beyond dominance or submission.

What does that mean exactly? Improvisational theatre, also known as improvisational theatre, is an art form that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It allows actors to create a performance on the spot and without a script, and often involves collaboration and spontaneity.

The power dynamics of dominance and submission

The traditional approach Improvisation however, is based on a power dynamic of dominance and submission, with one actor leading the scene and the others following. This approach can lead to a lack of diversity and creative stagnation. And you can do that 1 to 1 on the Society transfer.

In contrast, the principle of equality in improvisational theater offers a new perspective and promotes a collaborative and inclusive environment. Equal status means that all actors are seen as equally important and valuable, and that no one actor dominates or controls the scene.

Instead of dominance and submission: the eye-level status

This principle encourages actors to work together, to listen to each other and to respond ideas to build up the other. It also encourages diversity and allows for more voices and perspectives to be heard.

Because you know for sure also the people who seemingly effortlessly build relationships that hold their ground without "trampling" on to the other. These people, who have a kind of natural authority and are very easy to talk to, strive for a status relationship that I call eye-to-eye status.

The power of natural authority

As individuals, we all have some influence over others. Whether in Private– or professional life, our words and actions can affect those around us. However, there is a certain type of influence that is often overlooked - natural authority.

We all have unique skills, experiences and attributes that set us apart from the crowd. Coupled with our personal values ​​and beliefs, these attributes can instill a sense of natural authority that can have a profound impact on those around us.

Gaining respect through natural authority

Regardless of whether we Team leading at work, leading a group in a community, or just engaging in everyday conversations—the power of natural authority can help us inspire, influence, and motivate others in ways that are authentic and useful feels. And it gives us respect.

However, it is not always lightto develop natural authority. It requires a deep understanding of ourselves and the world around us, and a willingness to embrace our own Power and accept limits. It also requires a Commitment for constant personal growth and Things to Learn as well as a deep sense of empathy and compassion for others.

On the same wavelength with communication

Natural authority, then, is the ability to like others through one's own qualities Background, experience and Expertise to lead and influence. Contrasted with traditional authority, often through a formal one Structure or position of power imposed, one earns natural authority through hard work, dedication, and striving for excellence in one's field. It's the kind of authority that people willingly follow because they trust and respect the person who possesses it.

Think of a really good conversation with a friend: everyone alternately tells, you laugh together, is “on the same wavelength”, no one determines one another, neither has to submit, both feel good - that's the yardstick for a conversation at eye level. In other words, in every conversation that you will have from now on, pay attention to the extent to which this feeling arises.

What is the status of the eye?

Of course, you don't have the same cordial relationship with every person you talk to as you do with your best friend. And yet the goal is to experience this quality - appropriate to the situation and the context in which you meet - in as many conversations as possible. And this is exactly where the eye-to-eye status helps, for the application of which the following requirements apply:

Keep the status differences as low as possible

When communicating at eye level, the aim is to keep the status difference to the interlocutor as small as possible so that alternating leading and following is possible at all. Because the status of two people is never identical, there is always someone who leads - like in the dance for two: one goes ahead, the other has to go back and then the other way around.

Once this joint “dance” really gets going, the conversation is characterized by lightness and both partners respond to each other. Now it would be important to find out how you can use this type of communication for your self-assertion.

The interaction of leading and following in companies

Leading and following are two sides of the same coin, especially in Company-Context. While Guide Often associated with power and authority, allegiance is a critical component of any successful team or individual Organization. The interaction of these two roles can have a significant impact on a group's overall success, and it is important to understand how they work together to achieve common goals.

The traditional view of leadership is that of a single person at the head of an organization or team, making decisions and directing others to follow their lead.

Respect and Equality: A New Perspective on Leadership

However, this view is becoming increasingly outdated. Today, many organizations are transitioning to a collaborative leadership approach, where team members take responsibility for the decision making share and work together toward a common goal. At the same time, the role of the following is becoming increasingly important:

While the following used to be just passive recipients of their commands Executives were viewed, today's followers are active participants in the decision-making process. They are encouraged to speak their mind, share their ideas and contribute to the organization's success.

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