You already have a sense of how you see yourself. But in order to win the daily battle for attention, you also need a second one Perspektive from the outside.

fascination inspiration-

The look of others

If you capture your personality only from your own personal perspective, you will miss a crucial part of information about yourself. And this crucial part is the following:

  1. How does the world see> you?
  2. How do others react to you? Do you pay attention to what you say or are you ignored?
  3. Is your opinion valued or are your ideas dismissed as irrelevant?
  4. Do your words motivate others to act?

The perfect blogpost?

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To understand what's at stake here, let's turn to the Welt of marketing to. Imagine writing a blog post to raise funds for a charitable cause. You spent weeks researching and fine-tuning this post.

It's well worded. It's insightful. It has the potential to change the model for raising funds for nonprofits. You want that People read this post, agree, comment on it, take up your insights and feature your post on other blogs or even in major media. And most importantly, you want donations.

Failure at the competition

In a perfect world, this post deserves to be read. But if no one reads this post because everyone is distracted by YouTube videos of cute kittens and the inexplicably trending bacon products1, it will never serve its purpose.

It does not matter how brilliant your posting is when it just goes down. Writing a world-changing blog posting does not mean anything when nobody reads it.

When valuable messages are withering

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Even the most valuable messages are often forgotten or ignored. If you fail to captivate your target audience, your messages will wither.

That can be daunting. If you are writing a children's book that no one reads, or if you send an offer in one eMail-Mailbox gathering dust, your messages are unheard and dying lonelywithout ever having fulfilled its purpose.

You must convince!

No matter how you express yourself, be it through texts on your website or the Marketing for a politician, you face the same challenge. Blogs have “readers” and politicians have “voters,” but ultimately they are all listeners who value yours message need to be convinced.

When I speak of "listeners" I use this as a collective term for readers, voters, Employees, consumers, customers, board members, shareholders, Family, media and anyone else you need to communicate with to create a Objective to achieve.

The fight for attention

Suppose you're running for political office and you've spent a few days sweaty putting up posters all over town. You want people to see and remember your posters, and you hope that will win you votes.

But it is not enough to get the message forms And hang out there If you don't evoke a reaction from others, they have Energy wasted. You don't live in a vacuum.

We do not live in a vacuum

A political campaign doesn't exist in a vacuum, and neither do you. you will be Success have through communicating, bonding and persuading. You're not funny if nobody thinks you're funny. And you don't share anything if nobody is listening.

Why is it inevitable that you fascinate others? During the day, you might want to get customers to buy, or you might want your community to get involved.

The purpose of your message

Whatever it is in your messages, each one of them pursues a specific purpose: you want

How do you reach your goal?

Every time you communicate, you want people to listen, remember this message, and look forward to future messages.

You want people to take action Behavior change or be inspired. But how do you achieve that? With the right effect, very simple - and yet so complicated.

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